Views for 2010-07-07

Wednesday, July 7, 2010
Robert C. Koehler
The War Drones On
"Complaints about civilian casualties have also stirred concern among human rights advocates."
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Rev. John Dear
Mother Teresa and the USS Intrepid
I shouldn't be surprised; we're often hit with bizarre news. But doings around Mother Teresa's 100 th birthday takes grotesquery to a new level. Seems there's a political ruckus in New York City...
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Matthew Rothschild
Netanyahu Didn’t Deserve the Red Carpet Treatment
After his government killed nine people, including one U.S. citizen, on that Gaza relief ship, Benjamin Netanyahu might have expected a chilly reception in Washington. And after approving more Jewish...
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Robert Naiman
Hamas Lawmaker: Gaza Flotilla Did More Than 10,000 Rockets
Who now doubts that strategic nonviolent action can transform the politics of the Israel/Palestine conflict? Not Hamas parliamentarian Aziz Dweik, the Wall Street Journal reports :
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Dennis Bernstein
Mississippi Gov. Barbour Fronts for BP
Louie Miller, state director of the Sierra Club in Mississippi, is burning up. And its not the sweltering heat typical of Mississippi summers that's getting to him: It's Mississippi Gov. Haley...
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John Buell
Spending Not the Cause of Our Problems
"Runaway government spending" is an easy target now. It is not the cause of our problems. Government spending will not "crowd out" private investors. It is essential in stimulating the demand on...
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Ted Rall
Bipartisan Stupidity on Afghanistan
NEW YORK - As I pack for my return trip to Afghanistan next month, many people are asking me: Why are we losing? What should we do there? The short answer is simple: Afghan resistance forces live...
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Amy Goodman
If Only Information Flowed as Freely as Oil
"Deep Spill 2" sounds like a sequel to a Hollywood thriller. Unfortunately, it is more of a reality show. "Deep Spill 2" is the name of an ambitious series of proposed scientific experiments that...
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Robert Scheer
Two More Candidates for the McChrystal Treatment
It's not working. Time for the president to concede that the economy is at best stagnating and at worst about to take another steep nose dive. I don't know if we are headed for another Great...
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Dan Kennedy
When It Comes to Waterboarding, Labels Matter
On 18 September 1945, barely a month after the Japanese surrender had brought second world war to a close, a sickening story appeared on page two of the New York Times. Headlined " Shanghai Reveals...
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Tom Engelhardt
No, He Won't... End the 'Global War on Terror'
Barack Obama may not have come into office pledging to get the U.S. out of Afghanistan, but he did pledge one thing: to close the Bush-era prison at Guantánamo within a year. That couldn't have been...
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Jim Hightower
Reassembling America's Democracy
On the Fourth of July, we celebrated Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, Madison and all the other great men who created our democracy, right? Not exactly. The Founders did create the framework for a...
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Marjorie Cohn
Losing in Afghanistan
Last week, the House of Representatives voted 215-210 for $33 billion to fund Barack Obama’s troop increase in Afghanistan. But there was considerable opposition to giving the President a blank check...
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