Views for 2010-07-01

Thursday, July 1, 2010
Will Bunch
"Torture" Study Reveals Appalling Cowardice of America's Newspapers
On the one hand, waterboarding is torture. On the other hand....
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Harvey Wasserman
Can "Emergency" New Nuke Loans Be Stopped Despite Cover of War?
Amidst a grassroots uproar over funding for the military, the nuclear power industry has again forced $9 billion in loan guarantees onto an "emergency" war appropriations bill for Afghanistan and...
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Art Levine
Senate Stiffs Jobless Again—3 Million Could Lose Benefits in July
Deficit-mania has struck Washington again, with most Democrats and the Obama administration essentially accepting the propaganda of deficit hawks while also calling for extending unemployment...
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Elissa Dennis
Keep It In The Ground
In the far eastern reaches of Ecuador, in the Amazon basin rain forest, lies a land of incredible beauty and biological diversity. More than 2,200 varieties of trees reach for the sky, providing a...
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Medea Benjamin
Out of Afghanistan Caucus Calls for NO VOTE on War Funding
With a vote scheduled tonight on the $33 billion supplemental for the Afghan war, members of the Out of Afghanistan Caucus held a press conference today, July 1 to express their opposition to the war...
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Nick Robins
The Ecology of Growth
One of the few good things about the current financial crisis is the extent of serious soul-searching about the right way to deliver economic success. Britain has been among the worst-affected...
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Bill Quigley, Alex Tuscano
Double Standard: BP and Bhopal
When President Barak Obama went after BP and demanded a $20 billion dollar fund be set up for victims of the Gulf oil spill, the people of India were furious. They saw a US double standard. The US...
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Robert Naiman
McGovern, Obey Lead House Showdown on Afghanistan War
Tonight, the House of Representatives is expected to vote on the Pentagon's request for $33 billion for open-ended war and occupation in Afghanistan. While press reports suggest that when the dust...
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Norman Solomon
Unanimous Conformity in the Senate
For the warfare state, it doesn't get any better than 99 to 0. Every living senator voted Wednesday to approve Gen. David Petraeus as the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan. Call it the unanimity of...
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Ann Jones
Counterinsurgency Down for the Count in Afghanistan… But the War Machine Grinds On and On and On
President Obama's Afghanistan strategy isn't working. So said a parade of Afghanistan watchers during the flap over war commander General Stanley McChrystal's firing. But what does that phrase, so...
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David Michael Green
How’s That Recessioney, Oily Thing Working Out For Ya?
Let's be honest: We live in stunningly, jaw-droppingly, ridiculously absurd political times.
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Robert C. Koehler
Restraining the Profit Itch
The gap between the diffuse human yearning for a decent world and the organized agenda of the corporatocracy has never, in my lifetime, been wider. I continue to be unable to turn away from the Gulf...
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Tom Hayden
Will the House Approve Another Year in Afghanistan?
Roiled by the change of military leadership in Afghanistan, the House will vote today on whether to continue the course in Afghanistan for another year If Republicans vote for the $33 billion...
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