Views for 2010-06-21

Monday, June 21, 2010
Dean Baker
Soothe Bond Market by Challenging Powerful, Not Gutting Social Security
The deficit hawks have been pushing the line in recent months that we have to make cuts in social security , along with some revenue increases, in order to reassure the bond markets about the...
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Susan Galleymore
Israeli Shipping Line Zim Shut Out at Oakland Docks
Long before 5:30 a.m. on June 20 about 800 protesters traveled the mile from West Oakland's BART station, near San Francisco, to Berth 57 of the Oakland docks. The early risers were determined to...
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Robert Fox
Is There an End in Sight in Afghanistan?
The death of the 300th member of the British armed forces represents a melancholy landmark in the eight-and-a-half-year story of the war in Afghanistan. It is a painful reminder to everyone,...
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Bob Dreyfuss
Gaza: End of the Siege?
"This is the beginning of the total collapse of the siege."
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Prairie Miller
South of the Border: Oliver Stone Does Chavez
Cuban leader Fidel Castro was interrogated some years ago by the New York Times, demanding to know why freedom of the press is not allowed in Cuba. Meaning, of course, beyond buzzwords, the inclusion...
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Carrie Whitaker
Socialism? We Wish, Says Local Group
Dan La Botz knows with certainty that President Barack Obama is no socialist. He's sure because he's one himself, and finds little in common with the politics of the 44th president of the United...
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Will Watterson
What’s Wrong with Being the World’s Most Peaceful Country?
As a New Zealander, I was both delighted and concerned to discover that my country is considered the most peaceful in the world by the 2010 Global Peace Index (GPI) , a publication developed by an...
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Robert Fisk
Fighting Talk: The New Propaganda
Following the latest in semantics on the news? Journalism and the Israeli government are in love again. It's Islamic terror, Turkish terror, Hamas terror, Islamic Jihad terror, Hezbollah terror,...
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James Carroll
On the Verge of Collapse
‘IT WASN'T Sen. McCain's question,'' General David Petraeus said. "I just got dehydrated.'' The head of US Central Command was accounting for the fact that, moments before, while testifying before...
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