Views for 2010-06-19

Saturday, June 19, 2010
Ronnie Cummins
Generation Monsanto (GM)--Why We Need Labels on GM Foods
Gen-M, the first Monsanto Generation of humans force-fed genetically modified foods hasn't reached reproductive age yet (they were born in the late 1990s). But, if a critical mass of animal feeding...
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Christopher Brauchli
The Maligning of BP
Everything is soothed by oil, and this is the reason why divers send out small quantities of it from their mouths, because it smooths every part which is rough. - Pliny the Elder, Natural History
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Michelle Chen
Driven by Globalization, Today’s Slave Trade Thrives at Home and Abroad
"The bosses carried weapons. They scared me. I never knew where I was. We were transported every fifteen days to different cities. I knew if I tried to escape I would not get far because everything...
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Tom Turnipseed
Ragheads, Rednecks and Greene Machines; Peculiar Politics in South Carolina
Peculiar politics in South Carolina is a never ending saga. On June 15, South Carolina Republican State Senator Jake Knotts of Lexington told the South Carolina Senate he is proud to be a redneck and...
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Michael Winship
Miley, We Hardly Knew Ye
Amidst all the news of petrochemical malfeasance in the Gulf -- and thank you, Rep. Joe Barton, pride of Texas, for your apology to BP, demonstrating everything that's wrong with a Congress jammed...
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Ralph Nader
Washington: Theater of the Absurd
The festering corporate government in Washington, DC, is a theater of the absurd. Some of the acts of this tragedy follow: 1. Start with the often hapless Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (...
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Joshua Brollier, Kathy Kelly
Unrest in Pakistan: Moving Beyond U.S. National Interest
"The military is the muscle that protects the ruling elite from the wrath of the people," says Pakistani political analyst Dr. Mubashir Hassan. "Right now, people are out on the street; blocking...
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