Views for 2010-06-15

Tuesday, June 15, 2010
Tom Engelhardt
Entering the Soviet Era in America : Call the Politburo, We’re in Trouble
Mark it on your calendar. It seems we've finally entered the Soviet era in America. You remember the Soviet Union, now almost 20 years in its grave. But who gives it a second thought today? Even in...
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John Perkins
Battle the Corporatocracy by Demanding Sustainability
"As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler; solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness weakness." (Thoreau) Being a father has been one of the...
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Dennis Bernstein, Jesse Strauss
Witnesses of Border Killing Dispersed
At dusk on June 7, Bobbie McDow and her husband were heading south across the busy Paso Del Norte foot-bridge, which connects El Paso, Texas, to Juarez, Mexico. In the sweltering heat, McDow asked...
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Robert Weissman
Closing BP's Escape Routes
BP generates enough cash to absorb its liabilities from the oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico. But that doesn't mean it will. One of the benefits of the corporate form is that it gives giant...
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Ralph Nader
Cashiering Helen Thomas
The termination of Helen Thomas' 62-year long career as a pioneering, no-nonsense newswoman was swift and intriguingly merciless.
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Megan Tady
Internet Stars for Internet Freedom
Nobody knew who Greyson Chance was a few weeks ago. But when a video of Chance singing a Lady Gaga song at a school talent show began circulating on the Internet, it became an instant sensation, with...
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Jeremy Scahill
Is Blackwater's Erik Prince Moving to the United Arab Emirates?
With Blackwater's top deputies indicted on federal charges and the company up for sale, rumors are swirling that Prince is preparing to bolt to a country with no extradition treaty with the US.
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Robert Jensen
No Nukes/No Empire: The Abolition of Nuclear Weapons Requires the End of the U.S. Empire
[A version of this essay was delivered to the "Think outside the Bomb" event in Austin, TX, on June 14, 2010.] If we are serious about the abolition of nuclear weapons, we have to place the abolition...
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Robert Reich
BP: It’s Not a Contest Between the US and Britain; It’s a Contest Between Citizenship Interests and Shareholder Interests
This from today’s Wall Street Journal: In a letter sent Sunday to U.S. Coast Guard Rear Admiral James Watson, BP said it expects to have the capacity to capture between 40,000 and 53,000 barrels of...
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Dean Baker
Surprises in Store for Economists
The commerce department reported that retail sales in May were down by 1.2% from April . This surprised most economists who had expected a modest increase. The media were filled with accounts of...
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Linda McQuaig
Partner in Flotilla ‘Farce’
As all civilized countries agree, seizing ships on the high seas is a very bad thing. This sentiment was greatly strengthened in 1985 when Palestinian gunmen seized the Italian cruise ship Achille...
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Avril Moore
War Is No Game, So Why Is It Marketed to Children as One?
In the post-conscription era, parents have subtler enemies to fight. IT'S been nearly 40 years since five Melbourne women - Jean McLean, Joan Coxsedge, Irene Miller, Chris Cathie and Jo McLaine Ross...
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