Views for 2010-06-12

Saturday, June 12, 2010
Madeline Ostrander
Time for Action: After BP Disaster, Americans are Ready for Clean Energy
It turns out that attempts by conservatives to discredit climate science may not have left a big dent on American public opinion after all. According to polls released this week, the vast majority of...
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Eve Ensler
My Cancer is Arbitrary. Congo's Atrocities are Very Deliberate
Cancer is scary, of course, and painful. It tends to interrupt one's entire life, throw everything into question and push one up against that ultimate dimension and possibility of dying. One can rail...
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Sasha Abramsky
Where the Tea Party Runs Out of Juice
In looking at the recent Tea Party surges in GOP primaries , it increasingly strikes me that there's a desperate nostalgia playing itself out in the country.
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Derrick Z. Jackson
Public Education’s Dire Straits
The alarms keep ringing in the national emergency of public education. One was a recent Globe story highlighting how parents in Arlington are raising $1 million, not just to prop up extracurricular...
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Dennis Bernstein, Jesse Strauss
El Paso 'Cat and Mouse' Turns Fatal
It was a blistering Monday evening in El Paso. The heat had jumped past 95 degrees and it was about to get a lot hotter in this militarized border town, with checkpoints and helicopters flying over...
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Kerry Kennedy
Gulf Needs Concrete Actions That Respect Residents' Rights
CODEN, Ala. - When Gulf Coast resident Louise Bosarge heard President Obama refer to her community as "resilient," her response was poetic: "We bounce back. We always bounce back. Bouncing hurts."
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David Michael Green
The Do-Nothing 44th President
What do nine dead Gaza activists in the Mediterranean, nine-plus percent unemployment, and ninety years of oil catastrophe clean-up have in common? How about one astonishingly tepid president? How...
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Deena Guzder
Witness Against Torture: Peace Activists Face Trial
The recent Catholic priest sex scandal -- and the Papal spokesman’s offensive comparison of the public’s outcry at the Church to, of all things, anti-Semitic persecution during the Holocaust -- have...
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Michael Winship
The Supreme Court Says NO to the People - Again
At a dinner party, an ever-so-proper aristocrat who had been at the British evacuation of Dunkirk sixty years ago, remained tightlipped despite intense questioning from the other guests about what he...
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Michelle Chen
South Africa’s World Cup Brims with Broken Promises
South Africa is the center of world this week, kicking off the first-ever World Cup Games on the African continent. But as the cameras pan across green fields and lavish festivities, labor activists...
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David Krieger
British Petroluem, Imagination, and Nuclear Catastrophe
Before the catastrophic British Petroleum oil gush in the Gulf of Mexico, there were environmentalists who warned that offshore drilling was fraught with risk - risk of exactly the type of...
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