Views for 2010-06-06

Sunday, June 6, 2010
Caroline Arnold
Reducing World to Good and Bad Leads to Trouble
"Incredible how the top dog always announces with such an air of discovery that the underdog is childish, stupid, emotional, irresponsible, ... incapable of learning - but for god's sake don't teach...
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Jasmin Ramsey
It's Storming in Istanbul
On January 4, 2009, tens of thousands of people gathered in Istanbul's Çağlayan Square to protest Israel's murderous Winter assault on Gaza.
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Michelle Chen
In the Wake of Health Reform, Abortion Under Attack
When health care reform finally limped past the finish line on Capitol Hill, the compromises littering the final bill left many activists disillusioned, but some hoped that action on the state level...
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Linh Dinh
Eyes, with Legs
Emily Henochowicz lost an eye when an Israeli soldier fired a tear gas canister at her face. Twenty-one-years-old, she studies art at Cooper Union. On her blog, Emily's avatar, or "tentative icon,"...
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Bill McKibben
If There Was Ever a Moment to Seize
Here's the president on March 31st, announcing his plan to lift a longstanding moratorium on offshore drilling: "Given our energy needs, in order to sustain economic growth and produce jobs, and keep...
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Eric Margolis
Fury Over Raid Isolates Israel
STANBUL - Turkey is seething with fury at its closest allies - Israel and the United States - after Israel's killing of at least nine peace activists, four of them Turks, on a Turkish-flagged vessel...
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