Views for 2010-06-03

Thursday, June 3, 2010
Erin Rosa
Thousands Protest SB1070; Arizona Gov. Braces for Lawsuits
Over Memorial Day weekend, tens of thousands of people marched in Phoenix, AZ to protest SB1070, a law that immigrants to carry papers at all times and makes it possible for any police officer to...
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William J. Astore
Doubling Down in Afghanistan
As Congress moves toward rubber-stamping yet another "emergency" supplemental bill that includes more than $33 billion for military operations, mainly to fund the latest surge in Afghanistan, maybe...
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Jodie Evans
Israel: The Truth Is Coming
My dear friend Ann Wright joined the Gaza Freedom Flotilla just days before it left Greece. She posted daily blogs from her voyage, the last one written only hours before the Israeli Navy...
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Ira Chernus
Israel Raises Nuke Threat to Iran
You've got to give Israel's leaders credit for creativity, if for nothing else. They never run out of new excuses for their violence, each more imaginative (and imaginary) than the last. Prime...
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Glen Ford
Yes, Obama Is 'Engaged' – in a Colossal Crime
In a rational polity, the great abomination to Earth and Man in the Gulf would spell the end of the Obama presidency. We are witnessing cataclysm on a geological scale, an event with the potential to...
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Michelle Chen
American Occupation Casts Long Shadows Over Okinawa
On Memorial Day, America honored its war dead. Across the Pacific Ocean, the ghosts of war continue to haunt the coastline of Japan, now awash in political angst over the military base on the island...
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MJ Rosenberg
Lying About the Gaza Flotilla Disaster
It's been one lie after another in the US media about the Israeli attack on the Gaza-bound relief flotilla. No matter that the Israeli media views the whole incident as a debacle for Israel, in this...
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Robert Naiman
Halliday Urges Irish-Americans to Defend the Rachel Corrie
Former UN Assistant Secretary General Denis Halliday said it was imperative that the Obama administration supported Ireland's call on the Israeli authorities to ensure safe passage for the Irish-...
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Tom Gallagher
Pelosi Ignores Constituents on Afghanistan – But Quietly This Time
Pretty much the only thing different about this year's San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee (SFDCCC) Afghanistan resolution was that there was no fight coming from Speaker of the House...
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Gordon Clark
Gulf Madness
It was a few weeks after the oil well started spewing millions of gallons of crude into the Gulf of Mexico that I heard a radio reporter ask the increasingly commonplace question -- "Where's the...
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Russell Mokhiber
Coal Intimidation
Let's say you live in West Virginia. And you want the local prosecutor to bring a criminal charge against Massey Energy. And the responsible Massey executives. For manslaughter. For the deaths of the...
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Kathy Kelly, Joshua Brollier
Unarmed and Courageous: Emergency Workers in Afghanistan
For six days in late May, 2010, Emergency, an Italian NGO providing surgery and basic health care in Afghanistan since 1999, welcomed us to visit facilities they operate in the capital city of Kabul...
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Jules Boykoff
After the Oil Spill, We Need a Sea Change
BP's out-of-control geyser in the Gulf is now the biggest oil spill in US history . Though the Exxon Valdez was a comparatively finite disaster – with the tanker carrying 54m gallons of crude oil –...
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George Lakoff
Privatization of Public Housing Shelved — For Now
HUD’s attempt to privatize all of America’s public housing has been put on hold — for now. You played an important role. Thousands of you signed the petition and spread the word, so that those at the...
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Ali Abunimah
The Day the World Became Gaza
Since Israel's invasion and massacre of over 1,400 people in Gaza 18 months ago, dubbed Operation Cast Lead, global civil society movements have stepped up their campaigns for justice and solidarity...
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