Views for 2010-05-27

Thursday, May 27, 2010
Kirsti Sorsa
Tap Water Tops Bottled on Quality and Cost
As Americans, we take the availability of clean water so much for granted that when arriving in exotic places we are unpleasantly surprised to discover that the tap water in our hotel is unhealthy...
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Enzo Pastore
The Health Care Reform Action Moves to the States
With passage of historic health care reform in Congress, it’s easy to conclude that the final curtain on the saga of fixing the United States health care system has now fallen. But as long and...
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Laura Flanders
Sacrificing Women to the Budget Gods
As states scramble to stay afloat -- how are they balancing their budgets? On the backs of working women of course. The new big trend is to cut subsidies for child care. And with child care -- poof...
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Linh Dinh
Quantifying Culture
Living up to its name, Yahoo News is more jive than jazz. Recently, it featured a "human interest" story of an American who had traveled to every country on earth but three. At each, he tended to...
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John Atcheson
Trusting the Scorpion: BP, the Legacy of Republican Hypocrisy and Democratic Cowardice
The progressives are up in arms over the oil spill. Like a scene from Frankenstein, the good citizens are storming the hydrocarbon castle with torches ablaze, and pitchforks held high.
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Sahil Kapur
Troops at the Border Won't Bring Reform
It's déjà vu for progressives this week as the Obama administration 's latest concession to Republicans on a major issue has gone, once again, unreciprocated.
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Ben Bowling
Jamaica Bleeds for Our 'War on Drugs'
The tragedy unfolding in Jamaica is symptomatic of a wider crisis of organised crime, armed violence and political corruption caused by a failed "war on drugs". The tangled political and economic...
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Ann Wright
The Audacity of the Free Gaza Flotilla
By the time you read this, we will be on the high seas of the Mediterranean (we hope the seas will not be too high).
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Robert C. Koehler
Stopping Orwell's Nightmare
The God of War doesn't dine on raw shank bone or bellow orders quite like he used to. When he talks to Congress, say, it goes more like this: "And, oh, while you're up, I'm going to be needing, uh (...
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Robert Weissman
BP CEO Supports a Boycott?
Does BP CEO Tony Hayward want millions of people to take the BP boycott pledge ? Admittedly, it seems unlikely. Yet, how else can you explain a company CEO who before and during what is now the worst...
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