Views for 2010-05-25

Tuesday, May 25, 2010
Nancy Keenan
One Year Later: Honoring Dr. George Tiller
We are days away from marking the one-year anniversary of the Sunday morning Scott Roeder walked into Dr. George Tiller's church in Kansas and shot him at close range .
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Robert Reich
Obama’s Regulatory Brain
The most important thing to know about the 1,500-page financial reform bill passed by the Senate last week -- now on he way to being reconciled with the House bill -- is that it's regulatory. If does...
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Neve Gordon
Even Picnics in Israel are Political
Picnics, like almost everything else in Israel, are often political. Oz Shelach underscores this point in his collection of short stories, Picnic Grounds , where he describes how a history professor...
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Dave Zirin
Pressure Builds on Bud Selig to Move 2011 All-Star Game
A steady thrum is increasing in volume outside Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig's door to move the 2011 All Star Game out of Phoenix. Recent laws passed in Arizona-from banning ethnic...
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Vanessa Barrington
Is the Urban Farming Movement Here to Stay?
Urban farming has the potential to help us take charge of the foods we eat, green our cities, build community, and increase food security for urban residents.
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Donna Smith
Pallor and Pain; Sorrow and Stain
Over this past weekend, I watched more coverage on the BP Gulf oil spill and felt this growing sense of deep sadness and rage. The spill threatens so much more than we can yet fathom as we see this...
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Robert Naiman
US Media Censors US Support of Iran Fuel Swap
Sao Paulo - If you get your information from major U.S. media, and you follow U.S. foreign policy, then you know that last week Iran, Brazil, and Turkey signed an agreement for Iran to ship about...
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John Nichols
Grayson's Smart Calculus Makes War Cost Real for Taxpayers
Congressman Alan Grayson is at it again. This time, the Florida Democrat who shook up the health-care debate by saying Republicans were the real death-panel party and who shook up the bank reform...
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Randall Amster
Take a Hike: Misconceptions and Machinations Keep Activists Incarcerated in Iran
You've probably heard about the three hikers being held in Iran since last summer. Their case has become a political football, highlighting the inherent tensions and absurd machinations of the U.S.-...
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Kevin Zeese
Criminal Investigations of Massey Energy Go Forward as Citizen Pressure Builds for Prosecution
Just over a month ago I wrote urging criminal prosecution of Massey Energy executives for the deaths of coal miners at the Upper Big Branch Mine. Since then more evidence of criminal wrongdoing has...
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Pierre Tristam
From Times Square to Jacksonville: When Terrorism Is a Double-Standard
As we all know, the first of this month a crude bomb almost went off in Times Square. It was an attempted terrorist attack by a less than competent 30-year-old finance professional, an American...
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John Buell
Arizona, Globalization, and the Politics of Immigration
Arizona, a U.S. state for only about a century, serves as microcosm of our national experience. Most of our ancestors are from away, do not share a common heritage and have seen themselves as God's...
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