Views for 2010-05-24

Monday, May 24, 2010
Beverly Bell
Environment and Food and Haiti: Two Crises, One Solution
In part II of an interview, Chavannes Jean-Baptiste discusses the role that agriculture can play in Haiti in addressing both the environmental and food crises.
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Robert Kuttner
Get a Grip: Austerity Does Not Produce Prosperity
Austerity has suddenly become the universally prescribed cure for the fallout from the financial collapse. If widely adopted, it will prove worse than the disease. The price of the rescues of Greece...
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Sean Gonsalves
A Virtual ‘Act of Faith’
The largest body of secrets are not contained at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia but about 30 miles up I-95 near Annapolis Junction, Maryland.
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Gary Younge
Israel's Complicity in Apartheid Crimes Undermines Its Attack on Goldstone
On 5 January 2009 the Israeli army rounded up around 65 Palestinians (including 11 women and 11 children under the age of 14) in Gaza, several of whom were waving white flags. After handcuffing the...
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Chuck Collins, Sam Pizzigati
Resurrect the Estate Tax
Dan Duncan died at the end of March. The Houston gas pipeline mogul left behind a spouse, four children, four grandkids, and a fortune worth $9 billion. Duncan, a prominent philanthropist who...
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Jesse Hagopian
Pedagogy of the Oppressor: Arizona’s Racism to the Top
The interests of the oppressors lie in "changing the consciousness of the oppressed, not the situation which oppresses them."-Paulo Freire, quoting Simone de Beauvoir, in Pedagogy of the Oppressed
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Andy Worthington
House Kills Plan to Close Guantánamo
President Obama's hopes of closing Guantánamo, which were already gravely wounded by his inability to meet his self-imposed deadline of a year for the prison's closure, now appear to have been killed...
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Robert Redick
Yes, Mr. President, It Was Your Katrina - Three Weeks Ago. Now it May Be Your Chernobyl
Dear Mr President, You’re a man of vision, intelligence, stamina and nerve. And you’re blowing it. A hemorrhage of poison is sickening the Gulf of Mexico. And has been, for a month. What action have...
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Chris Hedges
The Greeks Get It
Here's to the Greeks. They know what to do when corporations pillage and loot their country. They know what to do when Goldman Sachs and international bankers collude with their power elite to...
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Olga Bonfiglio
Blue Bayou
It's morbidly painful to see ecological disaster strike at southern Louisiana-again. At risk now are the wetlands-the bayous. The bayou is French for slow-moving waterway. In Louisiana it is an...
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Ann Wright
Gaza, Here We Come to Break the Siege
I am honored to be a part of the latest international citizen effort to break the Israeli and Egyptian governments' siege of Gaza. This week, hundreds of persons from 20 countries will challenge the...
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Kathy Kelly and Josh Brollier
Message from Pakistan: “I Want to Live with My Family”
ISLAMABAD -- Abir Mohammed, a refugee from Bajaur, says that the battles which raged in his home province since 2008 have dramatically changed his life. We met him in a crowded Islamabad café where...
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Norman Solomon
When the Leaders Lead, the People Have Sorrow
Many are familiar with the adage, "When the people lead, the leaders will follow." But what happens when people enable leaders to follow the dictates of the powerful? These days, the answers are...
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Stephan Salisbury
Citizen Alioune: How Not to Deal with Muslims in America
Alioune Niass, the Sengalese Muslim vendor who first spotted the now infamous smoking SUV in Times Square and alerted police, is no hero. If it were not for the Times of London, we would not even...
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