Views for 2010-05-13

Thursday, May 13, 2010
Greg Kaufmann
The Goldman Rule
The approval of Senator Bernie Sanders' amendment to audit the Fed [1] is an important victory, and the 96-0 vote is something to celebrate and admire--Senator Sanders was shrewd from start to finish...
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Beverly Bell
The Economic and Political Occupation of Haiti
On April 15, the Haitian Parliament ratified a law extending by 18 months the state of emergency that President René Préval declared after the earthquake of January 12. The parliament also formally...
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Andy Worthington
The Torture of Omar Khadr, a Child in Bagram and Guantánamo
Are we so inured to the implementation of torture by the Bush administration that we no longer recognize what torture is?
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Greg Grandin
Glenn Beck, America’s Historian Laureate
Americans, it's been said, learn geography when they go to war. Now, it seems, many get their history when they go to a Tea Party rally or tune in to Glenn Beck.
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Steve Valk
350 Goal Will Never Be Achieved With Kerry-Lieberman
The details have finally emerged on the American Power Act, the climate and energy legislation rolled out Wednesday by Sens. John Kerry (D-MA) and Joe Lieberman (I-CT). More telling than the details...
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David Korten
Debt vs. Localization: Climate Justice in the New Economy
As the climate changes, the consequences for poor people in low-income countries-those who have had no part in the profligate consumption that created the problem-will be particularly devastating...
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Alexia Eastwood
Overcoming Free Market Apathy
Building alternatives to the dominant market economy is a project that begins in the imagination. A two step programme to overcome the mental straitjacket of the free market model is an instructive...
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Rabia Chaudry
The Terrorist Expatriation Act: Joe Lieberman's Lawless New Law
It took the better part of a week to dig a nice large plot in my yard for a garden. When the last hunk of sod was yanked out, I realized that I needed to go purchase the organic fertilizer necessary...
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César Chelala
Elie Wiesel's Wrong Move on Peace
Elie Wiesel, the noted Nobel Peace Laureate and Holocaust survivor, has provoked a serious row with an open letter to President Barak Obama published last month in The International Herald Tribune,...
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Ira Chernus
Israel Provocation Gives US Leaders a Chance to Be Strong and Right
Advocates of Middle East peace are circulating a letter in the U.S. House of Representatives, urging President Obama to "continue your strong efforts to bring U.S. leadership to bear in moving the...
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Robert C. Koehler
Dark Green
This is what happens sometimes when you play God: "Birds dropped from the air. The sky rained mud. And, as men from the rig struggled to save themselves from the aftermath of (the) explosion . . ...
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