Views for 2010-05-11

Tuesday, May 11, 2010
Mary Bottari
A Victory for the People!
Today a right-left coalition scored a victory for the American people when Senators voted 96-0 to audit the Federal Reserve.
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Mark Floegel
You Can Hide, But You Can’t Run: Toxic Dispersants in the Gulf
Now that BP’s jury-rigged contraption to contain its massive Gulf of Mexico oil spew has failed , the company's only resort is to continue pumping massive amounts of dispersant into the water near...
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Ben White
Israel Seeks to Silence Dissent
Last Thursday, in the early hours of the morning, a Palestinian community leader's home was raided by Israeli security forces . In front of his family, the wanted man was hauled off to detention...
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Laura Flynn
'We Want Our Voices To Be Heard': Democracy in Haiti's Earthquake Zone
"We are living in the mud. We are wet and we are hungry. Those in charge have left us without hope. If they have a plan we do not know it. We are asking about the future. And we want our voices to be...
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Jeremy Scahill
Georgetown Professor: 'Drones Are Not Killing Innocent Civilians' in Pakistan
I'm not sure how many of you caught the segment last Friday on the Dylan Ratigan show on MSNBC featuring Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, a 25 year army veteran and former director of the Defense Intelligence...
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David Swanson
Afghan Escalation Funding: More War, Fewer Jobs, Poor Excuses
Isn't it time to call what Congress will soon vote on by its right name: war escalation funding?
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David Dayen
Wall Street Hearts Charter Schools, Gets Rich Off Them
This is an interesting article about the intersection of charter schools and hedge fund managers: Wall Street has always put its money where its interests and beliefs lie. But it is far less common...
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Heather McRobie
Canada's Tar Sands: A Dangerous Solution to Offshore Oil
As the clean-up of the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico continues, the US may finally begin to rethink its position on off-shoring drilling.
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Marcy Wheeler
Judge Rules Torture Doesn’t Violate Due Process
In a ruling that anticipates how the government will ignore torture as it tries alleged detainees in civilian court, Judge Lewis Kaplan rejected Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani's efforts to get his indictment...
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Pierre Tristam
Socialism, Capitalism, and Other Fallen Stock
The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press just released a survey testing reactions to political rhetoric—whether people react positively or negatively to words like “progressive” or “...
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Dean Baker
Banks Failing to Lend is Not the Problem
One of the big myths of the current downturn is that the reason the slump persists is that banks are refusing to lend . The story goes that because the banks have taken such big hits to their capital...
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Derrick Z. Jackson
Horne’s Burden Then is Latinos’ Now
Ironically, Lena Horne was going to be honored at this weekend's Major League Baseball's Civil Rights Weekend in Cincinnati. The film and stage performer who died Sunday at age 92 was to Hollywood...
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George Monbiot
Despite Despair, I'm Not Ready to Climb Dark Mountain
Those who defend economic growth often argue that only rich countries can afford to protect the environment. The bigger the economy, the more money will be available for stopping pollution, investing...
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John Buell
Give Me Your Huddled Masses — Sometimes
The president may have no appetite for immigration reform, but most commentators find it hard to avoid. Liberal columnist Paul Krugman agonizes over the topic in recent blog posts: "Democrats are...
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