Views for 2010-05-08

Saturday, May 8, 2010
David Michael Green
The Age of Ennui
Watching the British electorate in action (inaction?) during this campaign cycle I'm reminded of... well, the American electorate. This is nothing new. There's been enormous parallels between the two...
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Danny Schechter
Was the Market Pushed?
The Wall Street Journal headline on the day after we almost lost the U.S. stock market reported that the wise men on the Street were "baffled" by the big drop Thursday. The Financial Times called the...
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Derrick Z. Jackson
Hungry Little Energy Devils
If only President Obama could channel Jimmy Carter, without the cardigan, to launch a national crusade on energy conservation. It would be a risky act, because Carter's admonition to Americans to...
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Tom Turnipseed
Terror Scare in Times Square
Was the botched terror attack in Times Square retaliation for US terrorism perpetrated by predator drones in Pakistan? Our war in Afghanistan and Pakistan is tremendously more expensive than such...
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Tim Karr
Net Neutrality's Weird Week
On Thursday, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski blinked. He balked. He backed away from phone and cable companies and moved toward broadband policies that will preserve the open Internet and promote...
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Dan Froomkin
Obama Administration Demands Amnesia From Reporters Covering Gitmo
Jack Newfield, the legendary investigative reporter, once wrote that if government officials had their way, journalists would be "stenographers with amnesia." The "amnesia" part, at least, was...
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Christopher Brauchli
Evolution Revisited
Darwinian man, though well-behaved, At best is only a monkey shaved. — William Gilbert, Princess Ida
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Kristin Sundell
The US Must Not Resume Training Indonesia’s Killers
There is something unnerving about hearing orders for your execution. Even more unnerving is the news that amid reports of continuing killings and abuses, President Barack Obama wants to resume US...
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Michael Winship
Kent State and the Frisbee Revolution
I was a freshman at Georgetown University when it happened, 40 years ago on May 4. Most of us didn't know what had taken place until late in the day. We were in class or studying for finals, so hours...
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Jon Walker
Compromise Fetishists: How Secret Deals Obscure Accountability, Subvert Democracy
There is nothing inherently good about compromise. The ability to form a good compromise, when it is necessary, is an important skill. But you should compromise only when you can't completely achieve...
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