Views for 2010-04-29

Thursday, April 29, 2010
Jeff Biggers
Another Violation-Ridden Mine Death, Another 'Wildcat Coal Lodge' Baron Scandal
Once again, our hearts and prayers go out to the families of coal miners--this time in western Kentucky--as reports emerge of a mine collapse at the Alliance Resource Partners' Dotiki Mine in Hopkins...
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Kristen Saloomey
Hashmi, the Symbol
So, 30 year-old Syed "Fahad" Hashmi helped a guy deliver waterproof socks and rain ponchos to Al Qaida. The fact that the 30-year-old college student who grew up in New York pleaded guilty to a...
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Andy Worthington
Fahad Hashmi and Terrorist Hysteria in US Courts
In America’s post-9/11 zeal for elevating terror suspects to the status of supermen, existentially threatening the very life of the United States in an unprecedented manner (rather than managing one...
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Lewis Seiler, Dan Hamburg
Reprieve for Banks, Foreclosure for Homeowners
Its first attempt at foreclosure relief--dubbed Making Home Affordable--having proven a dismal failure, the Obama administration recently implemented a new program called the Housing Finance Agency (...
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Tim Hayward
Is the End of the Happy Meal in Sight?
If you have kids you'll already be well aware of the mesmeric power of cheap plastic crap, or 'CPC' as it's known to bewildered parents worldwide .
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Laura Flanders
Slap 'em in Stirrups! What's Good Enough for Oklahoma Women Is Good Enough for Goldman
Democrats in D.C. are going about this regulation thing all wrong. Want to get Republican buy-in? Give Republicans the kind of regulation they like. As usual in U.S. politics, the states provide the...
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Ann Wright
Gaza Death Zone: Israelis and Egyptians Are Killing Palestinian Youth Who Challenge the Siege of Gaza
The Palestinians in the Death Zone called Gaza are being slaughtered again as Israel and now Egypt kill and wound more innocent civilians who challenge their illegal siege, blockade and quarantine.
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Robert C. Koehler
Keeping Fear Alive
"The stark truth is that one single failure of nuclear deterrence could end human history."
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Judith LeBlanc and Kevin Martin
Three Days That Could Change the World – This Weekend in New York City!
Barack Obama is undoubtedly the U.S. president most committed to nuclear disarmament since Kennedy. People all over the world have cheered President Obama's commitment to move toward nuclear...
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Greg Kaufmann
Sick and Tired of No Sick Leave
Fifty million workers in America--including 40 percent of the private workforce--lack paid sick days. In workplaces with fewer than 100 employees, nearly 50 percent don't have access to that benefit...
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Amy Goodman
Boycotting Arizona’s Racism
Arizona was the only territory west of Texas to secede from the Union and join the Confederacy during the Civil War. A century later, it fought recognition of the Martin Luther King Jr. federal...
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