Views for 2010-04-01

Thursday, April 1, 2010
Jeff Biggers
Appalachians Hail EPA's Great Victory for Clean Water Act and Justice
Earlier this morning, I wrote a piece for April Fool's Day, Obama Ends 150-Year War of Strip-Mining in 24 States: Mountaintop Removal Loses Its Groove. Well, turns out the second part wasn't an April...
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Robert Reich
The Fed in Hot Water
The Fed has finally came clean. It now admits it bailed out Bear Stearns – taking on tens of billions of dollars of the bank’s bad loans – in order to smooth Bear Stearns’ takeover by JPMorgan Chase...
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Ted Rall
Out-Republicaning the Republicans: Obama Revives Clinton's Disastrous Triangulation Strategy
"It was Bill Clinton who recognized that the categories of conservative and liberal played to Republican advantage and were inadequate to address our problems," President Obama wrote in his book The...
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Michael T. Klare
China's Global Shopping Spree
Think of it as a tale of two countries. When it comes to procuring the resources that make industrial societies run, China is now the shopaholic of planet Earth, while the United States is staying at...
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Glenn Greenwald
The Criminal NSA Eavesdropping Program
While torture and aggressive war may have been the most serious crimes which the Bush administration committed, its warrantless eavesdropping on American citizens was its clearest and most undeniable...
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James Wagoner
Who Put Failed Abstinence-Only Programs Back in Health Care Reform? And Why?
Lost in the shuffle of analysis of the new health care reform legislation is the fact that Democrats included over $250 million for failed Title V abstinence-only-until-marriage programs. The funds...
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Antonia Zerbisias
My Canada Includes War, Environmental Degradation and Lost Causes
In 1999, when I packed for a month in the Middle East, I made a point of bringing my Huron-made, deerskin fringed jacket. Nothing, I thought, screamed “I am not one of you” like that jacket, which...
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John Nichols
Tell Congress to Get Serious About Corporate Campaign Abuse
Members of the House and Senate are on their annual spring break. And, this being an election year, the vast majority of them are heading home to their districts to "listen" to the voters. This year...
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Joe Moore
Empower the People, Restore Trust in Government
A recent CBS News/New York Times poll confirmed what most of us already know: Trust in government is at an all-time low. According to the survey, nearly seven in 10 Americans feel they don’t have...
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Laura Flanders
California Banks: Who Are They Working For?
Does it seem right to you that a state's ability to stay afloat should be the stuff of secretive betting pools? That's just what's happening. While states like California struggle to pay their bills...
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