Views for 2010-03-31

Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Greg Mitchell
7th Anniversary of Iraq War Passes, But Myths Endure
Seven years ago The New York Times ran a prominent photo from a meeting of past Pentagon chiefs who had gathered at the White House for a discussion about 10 days into our invasion of Iraq. Victory...
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Joseph Huff-Hannon
Wikileaks in the Crosshairs
As far as "national security threats" go, real or imagined, it's likely that few Americans lose much sleep over Wilkileaks , the website that publishes anonymously sourced documents which governments...
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Naomi Klein
Open Letter to Berkeley Students on their Historic Israeli Divestment Bill
On March 18, continuing a long tradition of pioneering human rights campaigns, the Senate of the Associated Students of the University of California, Berkeley (ASUC) passed "A Bill In Support of UC...
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David Dayen
Obama Opening Pieces of US Coastline to Offshore Drilling
The New York Times has the story : The Obama administration is proposing to open vast expanses of water along the Atlantic coastline, the eastern Gulf of Mexico and the north coast of Alaska to oil...
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Mike Gaworecki
Wanted: Climate Denial Kingpins and Their Accomplices
You might recall that a couple weeks ago our squad of climate crime scene investigators was on the hunt for a secretive billionaire named David Koch . Well it turns out Koch has accomplices. Lots of...
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Josh Silver
Google Gets in Bed with Verizon
Tuesday's Wall Street Journal features an Op-ed by the CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, and the CEO of Verizon, Ivan Seidenberg, about the importance of high-speed Internet access. It is mostly boring;...
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John Nichols
Socialism? Not Quite, Say the Socialists
My friend Myrtle Kastner, proud campaigner for peace and economic and social justice, has, she suggests, been "quite amused" by the health care debate that reached the end of the beginning with...
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Glenn Greenwald
"Reporting" on Iran Should Seem Familiar
Fox News currently has an article at the top of its website that is headlined: "CIA: Iran Moving Closer to Nuclear Weapon." The report, by DOD and State Department correspondent Justin Fishel, begins...
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Adil E. Shamoo
Iraq's Small Steps Toward Democracy
The Obama administration may finally get some good news. Iraq's recent elections for parliament might actually result in a non-sectarian, pro-American government. This outcome would enable the Obama...
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Robert Scheer
Sarah Palin, Neocon Messiah
Judge them by their enemies. More evidence that Barack Obama might be shaping up as a good president is that Norman Podhoretz hates him so much. In a Wall Street Journal column Monday the guru of the...
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Jim Hightower
Walmart: The Inhuman Essence of a Corporate 'Person'
I'm curious about those five Supreme Court justices who recently decreed that a corporation is a "person" with human rights: Do you think they ever met Mr. Walmart?
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Alfred W. McCoy
The Opium Wars in Afghanistan
In ways that have escaped most observers, the Obama administration is now trapped in an endless cycle of drugs and death in Afghanistan from which there is neither an easy end nor an obvious exit.
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Amy Goodman
The Obscenity of War
President Barack Obama has just returned from his first trip as commander in chief to Afghanistan. The U.S.-led invasion and occupation of that country are now in their ninth year, amid increasing...
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