Views for 2010-03-23

Tuesday, March 23, 2010
Ralph Nader
Israel & Aid
On July 10, 1996, at a Joint Session of the United States Congress, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received a standing ovation for these words: “With America’s help, Israel has grown to be...
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John Nichols
Now That Obama's Signed It, Let's Reform the Reform
The Nation editorial urging Congress to support President Obama's health-care reform legislation recognized that the measure was flawed. But it argued that there were practical and political reasons...
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Megan Carpentier
What Stupak Wrought
In a last-ditch, get-out-the-vote effort to convince the anti- abortion Democrats in the House to vote for a healthcare bill that contains anti-abortion language beloved by anti-abortion Democrats in...
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Chris Maisano
A Cloward-Piven Strategy for Single Payer?
With yesterday's passage in the House of the Obama administration's health care reform bill, it would seem at first glance that the movement for national, single-payer health insurance has been...
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Jeff Biggers
Clean Water and Dirty Coal Don't Mix
Here's a sobering fact on World Water Day: Coal-fired power plants use approximately 1.5 trillion gallons of water a year in the US. In many respects, some folks might use more water flicking on...
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Bob Herbert
An Absence of Class
Some of the images from the run-up to Sunday's landmark health care vote in the House of Representatives should be seared into the nation's consciousness. We are so far, in so many ways, from being a...
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Jon Walker
Dems Reap All the Red-Baiting Pain with None of the Socialist Gain
Democrats did not offer a truly socialized health care system like they have in the United Kingdom. They did not just pass a universal single payer health care system like "Medicare for all." Not...
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Rachel Smolker
We Cannot 'Techno-Fix' Our Way to a Sustainable Future
This week, California will host the Asilomar International Conference on Climate Intervention Technologies . The conference follows hearings last week in the US House of Representatives and a report...
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Glenn Greenwald
US Aid to Israel: A Stark Truth
One does not normally see this truth stated so starkly in places like Time Magazine -- from Michael Scherer's interesting article on AIPAC's current strategy to "storm Congress":
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Randall Amster
Health Reform Passes, But I Still Don't Feel So Good
Hurray! I mean, Boo! Or is it, What? Perhaps we should just go with Whatever. No matter how you slice it, something has happened that is either historically fabulous, monumentally stupid,...
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Mazher Ali
Consumer Protection and Corporate Purses
In this period of painfully partisan politics, it's too easy for the focus to be on who won today, instead of the American people's needs. We're witnessing just that in two roiling debates--one over...
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Marcy Wheeler
The Prisoner Shell Game
On Friday, I pointed out that Eric Holder and Dennis Blair used language in a letter on Gitmo’s detainees that suggests some subset of the detainees at Gitmo is not covered by Obama’s Executive Order...
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Joseph Huff-Hannon
President Obama, War is Bad Romance
It's a Friday afternoon at Farragut Square, a genteel park just a few blocks from the White House in downtown Washington. Office workers, tourists and the occasional homeless person soak up the...
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