Views for 2010-03-19

Friday, March 19, 2010
Gabrial Thompson
Immigrants to Obama: It's Time
On a Friday night in late February, an endless line of families streams into San Jose's St. Julie Billiart Catholic Church. By the time I take my seat towards the front, I'm looking out at a swelling...
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Jeff Biggers
Lisa Jackson's Fundamental Misunderstanding About Mountaintop Removal and Protests
Over 27 hours later, nonviolent protesters spent the night twenty feet in the air, atop mountain tripods, in a sleep-in at the EPA headquarters in Washington, DC. Determined to convince EPA chief...
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Eric Foner
Twisting History in Texas
The changes to the social studies curriculum recently approved by the conservative-dominated Texas Board of Education have attracted attention mainly because of how they may affect textbooks used in...
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Benjamin Dangl
US Bases in Colombia Rattle the Region
On the shores of the Magdalena River, in a lush green valley dotted with cattle ranches and farms, sits the Palanquero military base, an outpost equipped with Colombia's longest runway, housing for 2...
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David Sirota
What's the Matter with Democrats?
Ever since Thomas Frank published his book " What's the Matter With Kansas? " Democrats have sought a political strategy to match the GOP's. The health care bill proves they've found one.
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Mark Weisbrot
The Anti-Venezuela Election Campaign
Venezuela has an election for its national assembly in September, and the campaign has begun in earnest. I am referring to the international campaign. This is carried out largely through the...
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Ann Wright
Don’t Stand By as the Wars 'Drone' On
Seven years ago today I resigned from the U.S. government in opposition to the Bush administration's war on Iraq. I had worked for the State Department for sixteen years and had been in the Army and...
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Clare Bayard, Sarah Lazare
Time for Rebirth: The US Antiwar Movement is Grieving, Dreaming, Growing
Think back seven years ago to this day. Where were you on March 19th, 2003, when the invasion began? Did you see “Shock and Awe” footage of the orange explosions in the clear Baghdad sky, piped in...
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Mark Morford
Open Wide and Never Stop Gasping
"We have no idea what's going on down there." --Biologist Stacy Kim , on exploring deep, subzero waters in Antarctica I am completely in love with endless jaw-dropping forehead-slapping heart-...
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Mary Bottari
America’s Women to Dodd — Size Matters
To: U.S. Senator Chris Dodd Chairman Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Dear Senator Dodd, As women and as taxpayers, we are writing to you today to tell you that size matters. Usually we love...
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Tom Engelhardt
Weapons Makers as 'Welfare Queens'
When was the last time you saw the headline, "Cost of [Pentagon-weapons-system-of-your-choice] halved"? Probably never. Still, the thought came to mind when this recent Associated Press headline...
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