Views for 2010-03-18

Thursday, March 18, 2010
Glenn Greenwald
Has Rahm's Assumption about Progressives been Vindicated?
Politico's Ben Smith yesterday suggested that one important aspect of Rahm Emanuel's health care strategy -- to ignore the demands of progressives on the ground that they would fall into line at the...
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William Astore
The Pentagon Church Militant and Us
When it comes to our nation's military affairs, ignorance is not bliss. What's remarkable then, given the permanent state of war in which we find ourselves, is how many Americans seem content not to...
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Dave Lindorff
Expecting Gen. McChrystal to Cut Afghan Civilian Deaths is like Hiring Ted Bundy to Combat Workplace Sexual Harassment
Three months after it initially lied about the murder by US forces of eight high school students and a 12-year-old shepherd boy in Afghanistan, and a month after it lied about the slaughter by US...
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Harvey Wasserman
Nuclear Industry to Vermont: 'Drop Dead'
The nuclear power industry is sending a clear and forceful message to the citizens of Vermont: "Drop Dead." The greeting applies to Ohio, New York, California and a nation under assault from a "...
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Christopher Cooper
Everybody Knows The Deal Is Rotten
I don't want to do this. I shouldn't have to do this. But the burden is well-settled upon me; the letters and telephone calls and E-mail messages from the several hundred mostly strangers who have...
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Steven Hill
Returning the Senate to Majority Rule
Standing at the edge of the health care precipice, President Barack Obama has reached a defining point in his presidency. The recent news that Anthem Blue Cross is planning to jack up individual...
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Tom Barry
Synergy in Security: The Rise of the National Security Complex
In his January 17, 1961 farewell address, President Dwight D. Eisenhower cautioned: "In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or...
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Matthew Rothschild
Progressives Should Not Follow Kucinich on Health Care
I don't blame Dennis Kucinich for changing his mind and deciding to vote for Obama's health care reform bill. The bill does have its merits: It greatly expands Medicaid coverage, it increases funding...
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Glenn Greenwald
Those Authoritarian, Torture-Loving French
French documentarians conducted an experiment where they created a faux game show -- with all the typical studio trappings -- and then instructed participants (who believed it was a real TV program)...
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Donna Smith
It’s Really Quite Simple: Do We Value Each Life in America?
The question is straightforward and simple. Do we value each life? Yes or no. No matter what Congress passes or doesn't pass, no matter what the President signs, no matter who buys insurance or has a...
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Norman Solomon
Zero Public Option + One Mandate = Disaster
Not long ago, the most prominent supporters of the public option were touting it as essential for healthcare reform. Now, suddenly, it's incidental. In fact, many who were lauding a public option as...
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