Views for 2010-03-08

Monday, March 8, 2010
Dean Baker
Blame It on the Bubble
Politicians and the media continue to refer to the economic downturn as being the result of a financial crisis . This is wrong. We have 15 million people out of work because the housing bubble that...
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Katrina vanden Heuvel
The Rightwing Witch Hunt Against ACORN
After 18 months of screaming headlines and attacks vilifying the anti-poverty group ACORN--attacks reminiscent of a New McCarthyism that threatened the group's very existence--it's clear now that...
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Mary Bottari
Senator Dodd Doubles Down on a Losing Bet
Watching the devolution of the bank reform bill in the U.S. Senate has been painful.
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Peter Singer
Let Wild Animals Be Wild
Last month, at the Sea World amusement park in Florida, a whale grabbed a trainer, Dawn Brancheau, pulled her underwater, and thrashed about with her. By the time rescuers arrived, Brancheau was dead.
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Jon Walker
Obama Points to the Lack of Insurance Competition, a Problem His Plan No Longer Solves
The Obama administration, in its push to get the House to vote for the Senate's health care reform bill unchanged, is pointing to the serious issue of lack of competition in the health insurance...
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Tom Hayden
Exit Strategies for Afghanistan and Iraq
It's been a long winter for the peace movement. Waiting for Obama has proved fruitless. The Great Recession has strengthened Wall Street and diverted attention from the wars. The debate over health...
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Jeff Biggers
The Women I Love (on Women's Day): Agitators Who Stand Up to Big Coal
"In the US Senate, Mother Jones was once called the 'grandmother of all agitators.' She replied that it was her desire to one day be the 'great-grandmothers of all agitators.'" --Mother Jones On...
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Michelle Alexander
The New Jim Crow
Ever since Barack Obama lifted his right hand and took his oath of office, pledging to serve the United States as its 44th president, ordinary people and their leaders around the globe have been...
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Robert Kuttner
We're in Trouble When the Radical Is Paul Volcker
You couldn't blame Paul Volcker for feeling ill-used. He was one of the first of the financial Brahmins to endorse Barack Obama, back when Hillary Clinton was a sure thing for the nomination. Volcker...
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Joseph Palermo
From 'Fired Up and Ready to Go' to 'Tired Out and Staying Home'
There's been a lot of commentary about President Barack Obama's failure to construct a winning "narrative" for the elections of 2010. In 2008, there were millions of people "fired up and ready to go...
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Jeremy Seabrook
The Fugitive Humanity of City Spaces
The word slum has come in for much criticism recently, and rightly so. It is a concept borrowed from the streets of 19th century Britain; the word assumes that the same serene improvement to urban...
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Chris Hedges
Calling All Rebels
There are no constraints left to halt America's slide into a totalitarian capitalism. Electoral politics are a sham. The media have been debased and defanged by corporate owners. The working class...
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Loune Viaud & Monika Kalra Varma
Give Haiti Control Over Its Recovery
Since January's devastating earthquake in Haiti, well-meaning experts have proposed an abundance of short-term and long-term recovery solutions. They ask why aid delivery has been so slow, why...
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Matt Kennard
Bolivia, A Beacon of Hope
There's a game I've been playing recently. Any time I read the news and get depressed about the parlous state of our world, I type "Bolivia" into Google news and wait for the results. It's really all...
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Lucinda Marshall
Equal Opportunity Requires A Paradigm Shift
As part of the observance of International Women's Day this year, the United Nations , has chosen "Equal rights, equal opportunity: Progress for all." as its theme. Sadly, in large measure achieving...
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