Views for 2010-03-01

Monday, March 1, 2010
Jon Walker
How the Public Option Would Likely Get A Vote During Reconciliation
If Democrats use reconciliation to pass a health care bill and even one Senate Democrat actually supports the public option, or one Senate Republican thinks it makes political sense to force a vote...
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Gary Houser
The Moral Imperative to Drop Carbon Trading: An Open Letter to Al Gore
"Most important of all, we need to put a price on carbon - with a CO2 tax that is then rebated back to the people, progressively, according to the laws of each nation, in ways that shift the burden...
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Ralph Nader
Empire, Oligarchy and Democracy
The twin swelling heads of Empire and Oligarchy are driving our country into an ever-deepening corporate state, wholly incompatible with democracy and the rule of law. Once again the New York Times...
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Alisa Gravitz
The Top 10 Reasons We Don’t Need More Nukes
Many of President Barack Obama’s domestic priorities seem intractably stuck in partisan gridlock, but one of his recent State of the Union proposals appears to be moving ahead quickly: taxpayer-...
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Sean Gonsalves
Revenge of the Herd
Maybe you had the impression Republicans were "strong on defense" and that conservatives consider terrorists to be an unappeasable threat to civilization. Then came Joe Stack - the anti-tax, anti-...
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Charlotte Dennett
Vermonters Take on Nuclear Power
A driving snowstorm could not keep Vermonters away from the statehouse in Montpelier last week as the Vermont Senate convened a historic debate and then voted on the future of the state's aging...
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Jeremy Rifkin
Stepping Up to the Age of Empathy
While our radio talk shows and 24-hour cable TV news programs incessantly play off the political rift between conservative and liberal ideologies, the deeper conflict in America has always been the...
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Paul Krugman
Financial Reform Endgame
So here's the situation. We've been through the second-worst financial crisis in the history of the world, and we've barely begun to recover: 29 million Americans either can't find jobs or can't find...
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James Ridgeway
GOP to the Unemployed: Drop Dead (You Bums)
On Sunday, unemployment benefits officially ended for hundreds of thousands of Americans, thanks to maneuverings by Senate Republicans to prevent a vote that would have extended those benefits...
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Ilaria Giglioli
Building International Solidarity During Israeli Apartheid Week
In March 2005, a group of activists from the Arab Student Collective at the University of Toronto launched the first Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW). The aim of the week was two-fold. On one hand, it...
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Leonard Rubenstein & Stephen Xenakis
Doctors Without Morals
After five years of investigation, the Justice Department has released its findings regarding the government lawyers who authorized waterboarding and other forms of torture during the interrogation...
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Chris Hedges
Ralph Nader Was Right About Barack Obama
We owe Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney an apology. They were right about Barack Obama. They were right about the corporate state. They had the courage of their convictions and they stood fast...
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Jo Comerford
Will the USS Budget Go Down? A Titanic Budget in an Ocean of Icebergs
Send up a flare! The 2011 federal budget has sprung some leaks in the midst of a storm. Not sure there's enough money for life rafts! Forget women and children first!
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