Views for 2010-02-28

Sunday, February 28, 2010
Helen Thomas
Obama's Inner GOP
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is finding her voice in the world of foreign affairs -- and it's the sound of hawk-speak, filled with warnings. She has warned that Iran is becoming a...
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Robert Reich
The Enthusiasm Gap
I had dinner the other night with a Democratic pollster who told me Dems are heading toward next fall's mid-term elections with a serious enthusiasm gap: The Republican base is fired up. The Dem base...
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Elaine Brower
Our Hands and Help for Haiti
Last week my daughter, Tanya, and I embarked on a trip to Haiti. We packed, with the help of some very good friends, 5 large duffle bags of food and medical supplies to carry to the people who were...
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Ralph Nader
Toyota's Enablers: Deregulation Helped the Automaker Avoid Scrutiny
The spotlight on sudden-acceleration defects of Toyota vehicles has opened a window on lax enforcement by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the serious problems caused by...
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Niall Ferguson
America, the Fragile Empire
For centuries, historians, political theorists, anthropologists and the public have tended to think about the political process in seasonal, cyclical terms. From Polybius to Paul Kennedy, from...
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Robert Parry
The NYT Veers Neocon
Many American progressives don't want to recognize how bad the U.S. mainstream news media has become. It's easier to praise a few exceptions to the rule and to hope that some pendulum will swing than...
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Pierre Tristam
Ending Private Insurers' Chokehold on Health Care
For once, I agree with Republicans on health care reform. We should scrap it all and start over. Thursday's encounter between the two parties was good talking-point theater but awfully runny with...
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David Michael Green
Bipartisan Is Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Win
Wouldn't it be great if American government could finally operate in a more bipartisan fashion? No, as a matter of fact, it wouldn't. Bipartisanship is all the rage now, for three reasons, each of...
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Barnabe Geisweiller
Vestiges of War: How We Choose to Remember
As a child my grandmother took me to the coast of Normandy so I could learn about the Second World War and see for myself the landscape and bunkers fought over at the cost of so many lives. Across...
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Dave Lindorff
An Accidental Experience with a Health System that Seems to Work
As I write this article, I'm seated in a hotel room across from the train station in Geneva, Switzerland. There's a slight, dull pain in my forehead from a two-inch line of stitches that are pulling...
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