Views for 2010-02-21

Sunday, February 21, 2010
Jeffrey D. Sachs
Climate Skeptics Are Recycled Critics of Controls on Tobacco and Acid Rain
In the weeks before and after the Copenhagen climate change conference last December, the science of climate change came under harsh attack by critics who contend that climate scientists have...
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Jeff Cohen
I Support Terry Nichols’ Hunger Strike
As a lifelong progressive committed to nonviolence, I have little sympathy for a man who conspired in the most heinous act of domestic rightwing terrorism in U.S. history. For his role in the 1995...
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Tom Andrews
CPAC -- The Right Wing Olympics
The Games are on! We’re not talking about the ones in Vancouver, but the ones in Washington, D.C. The Conservative Political Action Conference is underway in the land of the wicked to showcase their...
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Jason Leopold
Yoo Called Civilian Slaughter OK
Former Justice Department lawyer John Yoo argued that President George W. Bush's commander-in-chief powers were so sweeping that he could willfully order the massacre of civilians, yet Yoo's...
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Matt Taibbi
Wall Street's Bailout Hustle
On January 21st, Lloyd Blankfein left a peculiar voicemail message on the work phones of his employees at Goldman Sachs. Fast becoming America's pre-eminent Marvel Comics supervillain, the CEO used...
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Dallas Darling
Domestic Terrorism or Tax Revolts?
In 1786 and after hearing about the tax revolts occurring throughout the newly formed United States of America, Thomas Jefferson, who was in France, claimed such rebellions were good things...and it...
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George Lakoff
A Good Week For Science — and Insight into Politics
Over the past couple of weeks, the NY Times has been reporting on results from the cognitive and brain sciences that confirm past research in those fields partly by me and partly by my community of...
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