Views for 2010-02-09

Tuesday, February 9, 2010
Dave Zirin
When Snow Melts: Vancouver’s Olympic Crackdown
News Flash: Winter Olympic officials in tropical Vancouver have been forced to import snow -- on the public dime -- to make sure that the 2010 games proceed as planned. This use of tax-dollars is...
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Sarah Lazare
Soldier Faces Iraq Court Martial for Writing Angry Hip Hop Song About Stop-Loss
Any day now, Marc Hall -- a Fort Stewart soldier and Hip Hop artist -- will be whisked off to Iraq for a military Court Martial, out of reach of the public eye and his own civilian defense lawyers...
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Frances Moore Lappé
Justice Thomas' Reasoning -- Dangerous for Democracy
The normally closed Supreme Court opened a crack last week, as Clarence Thomas defended the 5-4 decision clearing away limits on corporate spending to influence elections. "If 10 of you got together...
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Mark Weisbrot
Haiti Needs Sunlight and Accountability on Relief and Reconstruction Effort
Last month actors and human rights advocates Danny Glover and Harry Belafonte, along with the Reverend Jesse Jackson sent a letter to Congress and the Obama administration calling attention to "...
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Derrick Z. Jackson
Taking a Bullet on Wall St.
Superintendent Carol Johnson of the Boston Public Schools last week officially lined up at the soup kitchen of American education by announcing nearly $60 million in budget cuts. Her pared-down $810...
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Robert Jensen
NY Times: No Conflict of Interest - With the Conventional Wisdom
The New York Times' public editor wrestled this week with conflict-of-interest charges sparked by the revelation that Jerusalem bureau chief Ethan Bronner's son had joined the Israeli army .
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Robert Naiman
If Michael Moore Would Run for President
If Michael Moore would run for President in 2012, it could be a game-changer in American political life. For starters, it would likely shorten the war in Afghanistan by at least six months, and the...
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Laura Flanders
Lifting the Veil on US Troops in Pakistan
“The deaths of three American soldiers in a Taliban suicide attack on Wednesday lifted the veil on United States military assistance to Pakistan.” So began a Feb 4th piece by Jane Perlez in the New...
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Sithembile Ndema
Fighting for Africa's Food Security
When I was a child growing up in Zimbabwe, my grandmother used to go to the same one-acre plot of land each day and work long and exhausting hours. When I asked her why she put herself through this,...
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Tom Engelhardt
Washington’s Greatest Afghan War Danger: Self-Deception
Almost every day, reports come back from the CIA's "secret" battlefield in the Pakistani tribal borderlands. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles -- that is, pilot-less drones -- shoot missiles ( 18 of them in a...
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Bill Quigley
Haiti Numbers – 27 Days After Quake
890 million. Amount of international debt that Haiti owes creditors. Finance ministers from developing countries announced they will forgive $290 million. Source: Wall Street Journal 644 million...
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