Views for 2010-01-12

Tuesday, January 12, 2010
Megan Tady
Losing the Internet as We Know It
How much have you already used the Internet today? We don't think twice about how much we rely on the Internet. Imagine not being able to map directions on Google or check the weather online. A...
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Yves Smith
Administration Bank Tax Plan: An Empty Populist Gesture by Design?
With its talk of new taxes on banks, is Team Obama reverting to its now well established pattern of crony capitalist giveaways with the occasional phony populist reform as an increasingly ineffective...
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Mary Bottari
Greedwashing on Wall Street
All eyes are on Wall Street this week as the big banks get ready to report their earnings and bonuses. Rebounding banks are preparing to pay out bonuses that rival those of the pre-crisis boom years.
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Jennifer Block
Abortion is Not the Only Fight
Finally, a feminist health campaign telling it like it is: American women are being thrown under the bus for an insurance industry-friendly motion towards "health reform." Enough with the...
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Mark Weisbrot
Power vs. the Press
For the past month in Ecuador there has been a battle over regulation of the media .
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George Monbiot
Avatar and the Genocides We Will Not See
Avatar, James Cameron's blockbusting 3-D film, is both profoundly silly and profound. It's profound because, like most films about aliens, it is a metaphor for contact between different human...
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Stephen Zunes
Yemen: Another US Battleground?
The United States may be on the verge of involvement in yet another counterinsurgency war which, as is the case in Iraq and Afghanistan, may make a bad situation even worse. The attempted Christmas...
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Jon Walker
Health Care Reform to Date: So Very Far From Perfect
The most common defense of the Senate health care bill is that we should "not make the perfect the enemy of the good." If this were a debate between the perfect and the good, the decision to accept a...
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Glenn Greenwald
The Fundamental Unreliablity of America's Media
Consider the record of the American media over the last two weeks alone. Justin Elliott of TPM documents how an absolute falsehood about the attempted Christmas Day airline bombing -- that...
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Gideon Levy
Only Psychiatrists Can Explain Israel's Behavior
Our wild world of crime has recently been sent for observation. From the bodyguard of the IDF Chief of Staff to the killers of their own children - all have been sent for observation. The time has...
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David Swanson
There's Plenty of Good News, But Will the US Ever Hear it?
Whenever I write about U.S. politics, people ask me "Don't you have any good news?" (Unless the Republicans are in power, in which case people ask me "Who are you going to vote for?") But I do have...
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