Views for 2010-01-09

Saturday, January 9, 2010
Glenn Greenwald
Helen Thomas Deviates From the Terrorism Script
Following up on Thursday's post concerning our collective refusal to discuss how American actions and policies fuel Terrorism: at a White House press conference yesterday with Janet Napolitano and...
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Ralph Nader
One More Term Senator Dorgan, Please?
The retiring of veteran Democratic Senators, Christopher Dodd, age 65, of Connecticut and Byron Dorgan, age 67, of North Dakota, have some short and long term consequences for the Democratic Party...
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Derrick Z. Jackson
Common Sense on Prison, Education Funds
Calling state prison and education funding priorities "out of whack,'' Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California proposed a constitutional amendment this week barring the state from spending a...
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Christopher Brauchli
Filibusters Could Be Fun
Although the Senate is much given to admiring in its members a superiority less obvious or quite invisible to outsiders, one senator seldom proclaims his own inferiority to another, and still more...
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Dave Lindorff
Democrats and the Corporate Media: Looking for Green Shoots in an Economic Desert?
So much for economic "green shoots." The Obama administration and the Federal Reserve, along with the servile corporate media, have been quick to grasp at and trumpet every little suggestion that...
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Kathy Kelly
Speaking Truth to Power
There's a phrase originating with the peace activism of the American Quaker movement: "Speak Truth to Power." One can hardly speak more directly to power than addressing the Presidential...
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Michael Winship
California, Here We Come
A number of years ago, when I would travel to California on business with my friend the late journalist and comedy writer Eliot Wald, we always carved out time to visit a couple of those massive Los...
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Ray McGovern
Answering Helen Thomas on Why They Want to Harm Us
Thank God for Helen Thomas, the only person to show any courage at the White House press briefing after President Barack Obama gave a flaccid account of the intelligence screw-up that almost downed...
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Robert C. Koehler
Disposable Gods
Read the tabs - watch the tube - if you want to know how a society that has lost its religiosity can still engage with the deities. The eerily appropriate term "celebrity worship" is evidence of the...
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Joshua Brollier
Lessons from the Gaza Freedom March
When I traveled to Cairo to participate in the Gaza Freedom March, I hoped to enter Gaza to contribute toward ending the siege and preventing future air assaults and invasions, such as the 22-day...
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