Views for 2010-01-08

Friday, January 8, 2010
Greg Kaufmann
The Ensign Healthcare Loophole
Taken at face value, Senator John Ensign's amendment which was included in the final Senate healthcare bill sounds pretty decent: by meeting "wellness" standards people can receive discounts on their...
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William Dimma
US Is Now Reaping the Whirlwind
In the rose-coloured and relentlessly upbeat years that preceded the nearly unprecedented meltdown that surfaced first in the U.S. in the early autumn of 2007, its citizens experienced a sense of...
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Lovisa Stannow
Sexual Abuse of Incarcerated Youth Must End
We must put a stop to the rape of young people behind bars. When the government removes someone’s freedom, it takes on an absolute responsibility to keep that person safe, including from sexual...
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Arun Gupta
Hope Has Left the Building
If one case encapsulates the disaster that is the Obama administration, it may be the dustup over the A.I.G. bonuses last March. Recall that extreme gambling by A.I.G. Financial Products nearly...
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Haroon Siddiqui
Deciphering Headlines from the Front Lines of (Failed) War on Terror
A headline announces: "Al Qaeda threat escalating." Is it really? Is the threat higher now than the day before the Christmas Day bomb plot? Or is this more a case of, "Al Qaeda man goes undetected...
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Michelle Chen
Uganda’s Anti-LGBT Bill: Facing Hate and Hegemony
The now-infamous anti-homosexuality bill in Uganda has kicked up a media storm halfway around the world. The bill , which could pave the way for the death penalty, life imprisonment or other severe...
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Johann Hari
We Don't Need This Culture of Overwork
This year, we all need to become more like Utah, under its Republican governor – and then go further. No, dear reader, don't panic – I have not converted to Mormonism, nor have I tossed out my sanity...
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Eliot Spitzer, William Black, & Frank Partnoy
Tip of the Iceberg
In a December New York Times op-ed , we called for the full public release of AIG email messages, internal accounting documents and financial models generated in the last decade. Today, a Bloomberg...
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Abdallah Abu Rahmah
No Army, No Prison and No Wall Can Stop Us
To all our friends, I mark the beginning of the new decade imprisoned in a military detention camp. Nevertheless, from within the occupation′s holding cell I meet the New Year with determination and...
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Jeff Biggers
Mountaintop Removal Mayhem: Blair Mtn Scandal (Feds See Dead People), Coal Profits Soar, EPA Disses Scientists
Who needs to go to the movie theatre to watch Avatar and the horrors of ruthless extraction companies when we have our own bizarre mountaintop removal policies at play. Check out the trailers for...
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César Chelala
Afghan Children Are Neglected Casualties of War
2009 has been the deadliest year for Afghan children since 2001, according to the Afghanistan Rights Monitor, a Kabul-based human rights group. From January to December 2009, about 1,050 children...
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Paul Krugman
Bubbles and the Banks
Health care reform is almost (knock on wood) a done deal. Next up: fixing the financial system. I'll be writing a lot about financial reform in the weeks ahead. Let me begin by asking a basic...
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Robert McChesney
How to Save Journalism
The founders of the American experiment were even by their own measures imperfect democrats. But they understood something about sustaining democracy that their successors seem to have forgotten...
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Joseph Stiglitz
Overcoming the Copenhagen Failure
Pretty speeches can take you only so far. A month after the Copenhagen climate conference, it is clear that the world’s leaders were unable to translate rhetoric about global warming into action.
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