Views for 2009-12-30

Wednesday, December 30, 2009
Jane Hamsher
Right and Left Agree: Mandates are the Road to Neo-Feudalism
There is tremendous fear rising on both the right and the left that the announced intention of Congress - to force every American to pay tribute to private corporations, with no government...
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Kenneth Roth
Geneva Conventions Still Hold Up
The Geneva Conventions-the bedrock of the laws of war and one of the world's most widely ratified treaties- turned 60 this month. But one government was not celebrating. In fact, Israel had already...
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Thomas Walkom
Who Won the Decade? The Terrorists
Tellingly, this bleak decade began with the inauguration of George W. Bush as U.S. president. It saw three major terrorist attacks on four Western cities and the beginning of a war that promises no...
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Pam Rasmussen
Gaza's Border Must Be Opened. Now!
This time is clearly different.
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Adam Serwer
Tortured Talking Points
In the aftermath of the failed Christmas day plane bombing, in which the alleged bomber set himself on fire before being subdued by unarmed passengers, every Republican politician in sight has become...
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Amy Goodman
The Poetic Justice of Dennis Brutus
Dennis Brutus broke rocks next to Nelson Mandela when they were imprisoned together on notorious Robben Island. His crime, like Mandela's, was fighting the injustice of racism, challenging South...
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Jim Hightower
Six Things to Do in 2010
In my travels, I've heard many cries of despair from you good folks about the timorous Obama presidency. On issue after issue, it's been go-slow and don't-rock-the-corporate boat. "Where's the '...
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Lewis Seiler, Dan Hamburg
Leading an Empire in Decline: Obama’s First Year
Almost a year ago, in an editorial published on this site we called on Barack Obama to be the hero our country so sorely needed. We pointed back in time to the flush of hope that greeted Bill Clinton...
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Jeff Cohen
New Year’s Resolution: Don’t Apologize for Democrats
For the new year, let's resolve: Don't defend Democrats when they don't deserve defending. And that certainly includes President Obama. Let's further resolve: Put principles above party and never...
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Johann Hari
Amid Dark Times, Meet the Most Inspiring People of 2009
It was a dark year, 2009, sealing a dark decade. It began with the world in economic free-fall and the Gaza Strip being bombed to pieces (again). We watched the vicious crushing of a democratic...
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Robert Scheer
The Global War on Stealth Underwear
There is no "war" against terrorism. What George W. Bush launched and Barack Obama insists on perpetuating does not qualify. Not if by war one means doing the obvious and checking a highly suspicious...
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