Views for 2009-12-27

Sunday, December 27, 2009
Gideon Levy
Was Israel's Gaza Offensive Worth It?
Today offers us an ironic conjuncture of commemorations: the fast of the 10th of the Hebrew month of Tevet and the first anniversary of Operation Cast Lead. On the day of the fast, which commemorates...
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Cenk Uygur
How Progressives Can Move Obama to the Left
After talking about this with a great many progressives on our show , I’ve come to some conclusions. These are so self-evident that they will be viewed as obvious in hindsight. Does he mean well or...
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David Michael Green
Well, That Sure Sucked: Good Riddance to the Devil’s Decade
As I understand it, certain pundits are struggling with finding an appropriate name for the decade now mercifully coming to an end. What's the problem, I wonder? Are their word processor dictionaries...
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Robert Reynolds
Tsunami Survivors Fight for Land Rights
Thailand's Andaman coast was flattened by the tsunami that ravaged much of Southeast Asia in 2004. In the fishing village of Baan Nam Khen alone, some 2,200 of the village´s 4,000 inhabitants died...
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Robyn Blumner
President Falls Short
At the end of each year I typically award the "Freeby" to the person who has done the most in the service of civil liberties. As dusk fell on 2008 and the reign-of-error Bush administration was...
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James Hansen
Copenhagen Has Given Us the Chance to Face Climate Change With Honesty
Last weekend's minimalist Copenhagen global climate accord provides a great opportunity. The old deceitful, ineffectual approach is severely wounded and must die. Now there is a chance for the world...
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Glenn Greenwald
The Joys of Airstrikes and Anonymity
Each time the U.S. bombs a new location in the Muslim world, the same pattern emerges. First, officials from the U.S.
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Medea Benjamin
One Year After Israeli Invasion of Gaza, World Leaders Fail to Act but Global Citizens Step Forward
One year ago, the brutal Israeli 22-day invasion of the Gaza Strip shocked the world, leaving some 1,400 people dead, thousands more wounded, as well as hospitals, schools, prisons, UN facilities,...
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