Views for 2009-12-24

Thursday, December 24, 2009
John Feffer
Richard Nixon was the greatest peacemaker in U.S. history. He orchestrated the historic opening with Beijing. And he presided over the most significant arms control treaties of the détente period:...
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Rodney Watson
Why a Resister Chose Canada Over the War in Iraq
I am from Kansas City, Kansas, and I joined the U.S. Army for financial reasons in 2004 after my steady job of seven years ended. I enlisted for a three-year contract with the intention of being a...
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Raj Jayadev
A Decade of New Youth Activism
Around this time last decade, I was wading through clouds of tear gas and dodging rubber bullets from the Seattle Police Department. I was 24, it was the World Trade Organization (WTO) protests and a...
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Tom Athanasiou
Copenhagen: Just a Cop Out?
Copenhagen was obviously a failure—if you judge it by "the numbers," the formal emission targets and financial commitments that are needed to support a fair, effective, emergency global climate...
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Donna Smith
A Patient’s View of the Senate Christmas Healthcare Gift
So, all the great fanfare and all the king's horses. The great and almighty U.S. Senate has spoken. I will have to buy private health insurance -- forever, amen. The defective product that has left...
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Ralph Nader
Holiday Reading List 2009
This is the golden age of muckraking books and documentaries but some of them may have escaped your attention because reviews and promotions cannot keep up with the sheer volume of material. Here are...
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