Views for 2009-12-23

Wednesday, December 23, 2009
David Sirota
Back to the Drawing Board
The Senate health care bill betrays the promise of fundamental "change" Democrats made during the 2008 election. It cloaks a handout to the health industry in the veneer of "reform." Though it...
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Matthew Rothschild
Obama Double-Crossed Progressives on Health Care
Are you feeling like a chump yet? If you're a good progressive, and you wanted single-payer health care for all, or, second best, Medicare for All Who Want It, or third best, a robust public option,...
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William Hartung
Obama and the Permanent War Budget
It's been a good decade for the Pentagon. The most recent numbers from Capitol Hill indicate that Pentagon spending (counting Iraq and Afghanistan) will reach over $630 billion in 2010. And that...
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John Nichols
Of War, Peace and the Christmas Truce
This has been a year of war, not peace, when a president elected to end conflicts instead expanded the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan. So as it closes we would do well to recall an old warrior who...
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John Feffer
The Art of Extraction
The teacher assembles a collection of chocolate-chip cookies and toothpicks. This is how the elementary school children are supposed to learn about the costs associated with coal mining. Each cookie...
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Neve Gordon
Breaking Palestine's Peaceful Protest
"Why," I have often been asked, "haven't the Palestinians established a peace movement like the Israeli Peace Now ?" The question itself is problematic, being based on many erroneous assumptions,...
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Dave Zirin
More than a Sportswriter: Lester 'Red' Rodney: 1911-2009
It didn’t make SportsCenter, but one of history’s most influential sportswriters died this week at the age of 98. His name was Lester Rodney. Lester was one of the first people to write about a young...
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Jane Hamsher
Why Is Obama Ditching the Public Option — and You?
Obama apparently doesn't think he campaigned on a pubic option , just because he mentioned it during his campaign and included it in his health care plan. Why would that be?
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Glenn Greenwald
The NYT's View of 'Journalistic Objectivity'
I've written many times before about Sami al-Hajj, the Al Jazeera cameraman who was abducted by the U.S.
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Robert Scheer
Demonizing Dean Won’t Absolve This Health Care Sham
How dare a progressive suggest a vote against the Senate health bill? When Howard Dean did just that last week he was roundly condemned for casting aspersions on what even many of its more ardent...
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Amy Goodman
Climate Discord: From Hopenhagen to Nopenhagen
Barack Obama said, minutes before racing out of the U.N. climate summit, "We will not be legally bound by anything that took place here today." These were among his remarks made to his own small...
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Michael Winship
Where Are the Snows - and Shovels - of Christmas Past?
We had our first snowstorm of the winter in Manhattan this past weekend and it served to remind me that I have not actually shoveled snow in decades -- the result of living in a city where other...
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Jim Hightower
Hoping for a New Ethic in 2010
This special season got me to thinking about America's spirit of giving, and I don't mean this overdone business of Christmas gifts. I mean our true spirit of giving - giving of ourselves. Yes, we...
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Tom Gallagher
But Afghanistan Is More Complicated Than Vietnam
The headline grabber in the NY Times poll following Barack Obama's recent West Point speech was the predicable ten point bump in support for the his latest planned Afghanistan escalation - precisely...
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Robert C. Koehler
A Healthy Economy
"This amendment starts from the premise that health care is a human right, and that every citizen, rich or poor, should have access to health care, just as every citizen has access to the fire...
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Tom Engelhardt
In Nightmares Begin Responsibilities: Why War Will Take No Holiday in 2010
Excuse the gloom in the holiday season, but I feel like we're all locked inside a malign version of the movie Groundhog Day. You remember, the one in which the characters are forced to relive the...
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Pat LaMarche
Don’t Let Them Take Food Off the Table of the Hungry
Access to food stamps was made easier and simpler during the Bush administration. And they changed the name to the supplemental nutrition assistance program or SNAP. In the 1990s, the conservatives...
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