Views for 2009-12-03

Thursday, December 3, 2009
Garry Wills
Afghanistan: The Betrayal
I did not think he would lose me so soon-sooner than Bill Clinton did. Like many people, I was deeply invested in the success of our first African-American president. I had written op-ed pieces and...
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Tom Andrews
Nation-Building in Afghanistan Instead of at Home Will Produce New 'Misery Index'
President Obama's decision to nation-build in Afghanistan in the midst of the worst economic recession since the Great Depression is likely to produce a new Misery Index for Americans: The escalating...
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Laura Flanders
All-Too-Familiar Line on Afghanistan
The President talked about America’s enduring values again at West Point Tuesday night, and then he laid them out, a whole lot of values one can only wish would endure a little less. The President...
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Donna Smith
History in a Number: Senate Amendment 2837
The idea of a Medicare for All type, single-payer healthcare system will be heard on the Senate floor. Late last evening, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont filed Senate Amendment No. 2837, and there...
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Ralph Nader
The Afghan Quagmire
Misusing professional cadets at West Point as a political prop, President Barack Obama delivered his speech on the Afghanistan war forcefully but with fearful undertones. He chose to escalate this...
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Mary Bottari
It's NOT Such a Wonderful Life. We Need Real Bank Reform Now
Today is “Job Summit” Day in the White House and none too soon as more than 16 million Americans will be looking for work this holiday season and many of them will be facing foreclosure in the new...
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Tom Engelhardt
Victory at Last!: Monty Python in Afghanistan
Let others deal with the details of President Obama’s Afghan speech, with the on-ramps and off-ramps, those 30,000 U.S. troops going in and just where they will be deployed, the benchmarks for what’s...
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Gary Olson
Obama’s First Nine Months: Change We Can Believe In?
In the 2009 film The Messenger, we follow two officers from the Casualty Notification Office from Fort Dix, New Jersey as they knock on doors to inform relatives of loved ones recently killed in...
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Charles Knight
Has Obama-Era Politics Debased the Meaning of Being 'Progressive'?
The morning after President Obama's West Point speech justifying his commitment of more troops to the war effort in Afghanistan, "representatives of six major progressive organizations" held a press...
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Anindita Sengupta
No Justice for Bhopal, 25 Years On
It's 25 years since the world's worst industrial disaster struck Bhopal , a town in central India. On 3 December 1984, a toxic leak in Union Carbide Corporation's factory unleashed 40 tonnes of...
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Nomi Prins
Ten Reasons Bernanke Should Hit the Road
If Ben Bernanke’s predecessor as Federal Reserve chairman, Alan Greenspan, could be dubbed the Maestro, Bernanke surely deserves to be called the Magician. His mastery of illusion and deflection is...
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Lindsay Beyerstein
Senate Prepares to Cast First Votes
The Senate is scheduled to begin voting on proposed amendments to the health care reform bill today. It takes 60 votes to pass an amendment and most of the proposed measures for the health care bill...
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Phyllis Bennis
President Obama's Afghanistan Election Speech
There was one way in which President Obama’s escalation speech brought significant relief to the 59% of people in this country, as well as the overwhelming majorities of people in Afghanistan,...
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