Views for 2009-11-09

Monday, November 9, 2009
Brian Gilmore
D.C. Sniper Should Not Be Executed
But Muhammad will die on Nov. 10 by lethal injection. He will be executed under the laws of the state of Virginia. No one will save him. Not the U.S. Supreme Court. Not Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine. Not...
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John Nichols
Six Smart Progressive Complaints About House Health Bill
The Affordable Health Care for America Act was approved by the U.S. House Saturday night with overwhelming support from progressive Democrats who serve in the chamber and from a president who was...
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Holly Sklar
Change Wall Street Can Believe In
Wall Street is doing to America what private equity firms did to Simmons Bedding and many other productive companies. Taking control with borrowed money, stripping assets, slashing jobs and cashing...
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Megan Tady
Consolidation Station: News ‘Sharing’ Erodes Journalism
Television broadcasters in the Aloha State have been quietly embarking on an underhanded media merger for more than a year.
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Bill McKibben
Congress, Climate Cheapskate
Nearly two decades after writing a book that popularized the term "global warming," MoJo contributing writer Bill McKibben founded . He is chronicling his journey into organizing with a...
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William Pfaff
America Owned by Its Army
It is possible that the creation of an all-professional American army was the most dangerous decision ever taken by Congress. The nation now confronts a political crisis in which the issue has become...
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Marcia Angell
Is the House Health Care Bill Better than Nothing?
Well, the House health reform bill -- known to Republicans as the Government Takeover -- finally passed after one of Congress's longer, less enlightening debates. Two stalwarts of the single-payer...
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Jeff Leys
Admiral Mullen Announces Afghanistan Strategy: Prepare to Nonviolently Resist
This past Wednesday, Admiral Mullen (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) announced that the Pentagon will seek additional war funds for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars in 2010. While he did not give...
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Frances Kissling
The Answer to the Stupak? Overturn Hyde Now
Sorting through feelings as well as strategies in the face of the enormous defeat that the passage of a health care reform bill that so severely and punishingly restricts access to abortion will take...
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Paul Krugman
Paranoia Strikes Deep
Last Thursday there was a rally outside the U.S. Capitol to protest pending health care legislation, featuring the kinds of things we've grown accustomed to, including large signs showing piles of...
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Steve Almond
Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Fairness Doctrine?
Of all the Big Lies told by the pooh-bahs of talk radio - that our biracial president hates white people, that global warming is a hoax, that a public health care plan to compete with private...
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Dahr Jamail, Sarah Lazare
Where Will They Get the Troops?
As the Obama administration debates whether to send tens of thousands of extra troops to Afghanistan, an already overstretched military is increasingly struggling to meet its deployment numbers...
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Chris Hedges
Afghanistan’s Sham Army
Success in Afghanistan is measured in Washington by the ability to create an indigenous army that will battle the Taliban, provide security and stability for Afghan civilians and remain loyal to the...
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