Views for 2009-11-08

Sunday, November 8, 2009
Falguni Sheth
Reckoning With Ourselves: Malik Nadal Hasan
The news that a gunman who killed 12 people and injured 31 at the Ft. Hood Army Base in Texas sent me scurrying in anxiety for more information. In addition to the tragic deaths of so many servicemen...
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Lucinda Marshall
Dems Sell Women’s Rights Down River Of Health Care Denial
A few thoughts on last night’s health care reform vote and the Stupak Amendment. First of all, 21 out of the 64 Democrats who voted for Stupak then proceeded to vote against the health care reform...
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Lee Stranahan
Kucinich's Brave Health Vote Vs. Obama's Failed Promise
There were plenty of cowardly votes in the House last night but there was only one truly brave one. The unsung hero of the night was Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich. Despite enormous pressure to...
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Nicholas D. Kristof
Chemicals in Our Food, and Bodies
Your body is probably home to a chemical called bisphenol A, or BPA. It's a synthetic estrogen that United States factories now use in everything from plastics to epoxies - to the tune of six pounds...
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Haroon Siddiqui
Same Rights Standards Must Apply to All Nations
New York-based Human Rights Watch probes human rights abuses. Not surprisingly, it is attacked by various governments and interested parties. Recently, its founder, Robert Bernstein, accused it of...
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Pierre Tristam
Prejudice Guides Speculation Over Fort Hood Killings
Even in the United States, land of diversity and individualism, there's still nothing like race and ancestry to imprison you in other people's dumbest assumptions and cruelest distortions.
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Dennis Kucinich
HR 3962: Why I Voted NO
We have been led to believe that we must make our health care choices only within the current structure of a predatory, for-profit insurance system which makes money not providing health care. We...
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Patrick Cockburn
Afghanistan: Time to Leave
Britain should start withdrawing, not reinforcing, its troops in Afghanistan. Sending extra troops is unnecessary and will prove counter-effective. The additional number of British troops is small,...
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