Views for 2009-11-05

Thursday, November 5, 2009
Mike Lapham
Three Steps to Save Wall Street
For the first time in decades, Washington is daring to tackle financial reform. It took the collapse of the whole sector and the resulting public outrage to get them started, and it will take...
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Nick Turse
2014 or Bust: In Afghanistan, The Pentagon Digs In
In recent weeks, President Obama has been contemplating the future of U.S. military operations in Afghanistan. He has also been touting the effects of his policies at home, reporting that this year's...
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Tim Jackson
Economic Growth Has Failed Us. What's the Alternative?
Economic growth is supposed to deliver prosperity. Higher incomes should mean better choices, richer lives, an improved quality of life for us all. That at least is the conventional wisdom. But...
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Jodie Evans
Stop US Meddling; Support Afghan Women at the Table
During my recent trip to Afghanistan, I never heard Afghans calling for a runoff election. Yes, they were furious that the U.S.-sanctioned election in August was fraught with fraud, and they knew (...
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Michael Shuman
Localization is Way to Redefine Globalization
Madison residents love their farmers' markets, windmills, rural health cooperatives, credit unions and hundreds of other green businesses, appreciating how they simultaneously benefit the local...
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Thomas Frank
Glenn Beck's Hotline to Nowhere
Glenn Beck, the popular Fox News host, has a red telephone on his desk that never seems to ring. Every now and then, in a moment of acute frustration, he will pick it up and give the camera his...
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Dialogues Against Militarism
War Resisters Reach Out in Dialogue
The Dialogues Against Militarism (DAM) delegation has arrived in Be'er Sheva, Israel, a small city that sits in the middle of the Negev Desert. Our travels from San Francisco, California lasted two...
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Sarah Anderson
Clash on Investment: Global Trade and an Opportunity for Civil Society
During the past several months, I spent nearly 30 hours in meetings of a private sector committee tasked with advising the Obama administration on a particular set of international economic policies...
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Melissa McEwan
Mourning Gay Marriage in Maine
Tuesday night in Maine, supporters of a state law that would have legalised same-sex marriage lost , 53-47%.
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Danny Schechter
Time to Rally for Financial Reform
To paraphrase Marat-Sade: ‘the Election came, and the election went, and unrest turned back into discontent.' The Dems lost two Governors, one an unpopular former head honcho at Goldman Sachs (not...
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Salena Tramel
Congress, Accountability, and the Goldstone Report
I have been to the Gaza Strip twice and southern Israel once since the 2008-09 war, where I had the opportunity to listen to accounts from both people about what had happened to them during that time...
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Stephen Zunes
Bipartisan Attack on International Humanitarian Law
In a stunning blow against international law and human rights, the U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved a resolution on Tuesday attacking the report of the United Nations Human...
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Robert C. Koehler
A Hole in the Night
It all felt wild and uncontained, like on the playground. I was the outsider kid, wrong jacket, wrong hat. Or maybe I just stepped out of my car at the wrong time. With a whoop they were on me,...
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Mark Weisbrot
President Obama's Credibility on the Line in Honduras
Last Friday an agreement was reached between the de facto regime in Honduras , which took power in a military coup on 28 June, and the elected president Manuel Zelaya, for the restoration of...
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Norman Solomon
The Next Phase of Healthcare Apartheid
In Washington, "healthcare reform" has degenerated into a sick joke. At this point, only spinners who've succumbed to their own vertigo could use the word "robust" to describe the public option in...
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