Views for 2009-10-31

Saturday, October 31, 2009
Greg Grandin
Honduras: Solution or Stall?
The Honduran crisis may soon be over. Maybe. The leader of the coup government, Roberto Micheletti, agreed to a nine-point plan to end the country's political impasse , brokered by Thomas Shannon,...
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Christopher Brauchli
The Pope and the Anglicans
God is decreeing to begin some new and great period in His Church, even to the reforming of Reformation itself. . . . --John Milton, Aereopagitica If it had happened a few centuries ago it would have...
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David Michael Green
Big Bad Government Is Coming to Get You
Liars, delusional, petrified, hypocritical, idiotic. I often can't decide which of these most accurately describes regressives when I'm listening to their insane rants. Maybe it's all of the above,...
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Ray McGovern
Kipling Haunts Obama's Afghan War
The White Man’s Burden, a phrase immortalized by English poet Rudyard Kipling as an excuse for European-American imperialism, was front and center Thursday morning at a RAND-sponsored discussion of...
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Lenny Russo
Why Is the USDA Continuing Loans for New Factory Farms?
I am a card carrying member of the Land Stewardship Project. For those of you who are unfamiliar with LSP, it is a private, nonprofit organization founded in 1982 whose stated purpose is to promote...
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Arundhati Roy
The Heart of India Is Under Attack
The low, flat-topped hills of south Orissa have been home to the Dongria Kondh long before there was a country called India or a state called Orissa. The hills watched over the Kondh. The Kondh...
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David Korten
Path to a Peace Economy
My subject tonight is the Path to a Peace Economy, based on ideas elaborated in my most recent book, Agenda for a New Economy , and the New Economy issue of YES! Magazine .
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