Views for 2009-10-27

Tuesday, October 27, 2009
Rita Lasar
President Obama: Please, Get Us Out of Afghanistan Now
Dear President Obama, It's me again. I know how busy you are, so I'm not surprised that you haven't answered my first letter. I do thank you for not going ahead and sending the 40,000 more troops...
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Glenn Greenwald
Former Marine Captain Resigns in Protest of Afghanistan War
Matthew Hoh, a former Marine captain with combat experience in Iraq, resigned last month from his position with the Foreign Service, where he was the the senior U.S. civilian in the Taliban-dominated...
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Erin Brockovich
Chromium 6 Still Threatens California's Drinking Water
Polluters who contaminate drinking water and make people sick shouldn't get off easy. That has been the focus of my work for two decades, and I'm not planning to stop now. My work focused the...
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Michelle Chen
Risks and Returns: Exploiting the Immigrant Detention Industry
Last winter, a remote Texas prison convulsed in a cry of outrage, voicing the desperation of the immigration system’s silenced captives.
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Chantal Clément
Excess Hormone-Grown Meat? Don't Worry, the Kids Will Eat It
Whether it's the surplus chicken from a factory farm snuck into your kids meal in the form of chicken nuggets or the cheese made from hormone-laden milk made acceptable on WIC food lists, it's really...
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Zach Carter
Dismantling the Wall Street Casino
Bailout pay czar Ken Feinberg raised a ruckus last week when he announced plans to slash cash payouts to executives at seven companies that have received massive levels of taxpayer support. While...
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John Buell
Debating Burns’ Thesis on National Parks’ Value
Living on the doorstep of Acadia National Park, my family hardly needs to be reminded that national parks are a good idea. But are they America’s best idea, as Ken Burns’ PBS documentary suggests?...
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Bob Herbert
Changing the World
One of the most cherished items in my possession is a postcard that was sent from Mississippi to the Upper West Side of Manhattan in June 1964. “Dear Mom and Dad,” it says, “I have arrived safely in...
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Ira Chernus, Ira Chernus
Politics Sparks Religious Conflict in Jerusalem
Arabs revere it as the "Noble Sanctuary." Jews revere it as the "Temple Mount." Everyone worries about it -- or should worry about it -- as a potential flashpoint for renewed violence between...
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Ralph Nader
Rhetoric and Reality
I just received a letter from President Obama. Right there on the outside envelope are the words “I need you.” After not answering several letters which I have mailed and faxed to him, I was, for the...
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