Views for 2009-10-20

Tuesday, October 20, 2009
Alan Fisher
The Number No One's Counting
The pictures are too gruesome to show. The charred bodies lie under a makeshift shroud. Someone near the camera holds up an identity card - giving one corpse a name, a history, a dignity that's now...
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Tim Karr
AT&T Boss Asks Employees to Fake It
AT&T has "asked' its employees to fake it in the fight against Net Neutrality. The company’s top policy officer sent a memo to workers on Monday urging them to hide their company affiliation...
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Glenn Greenwald
A Rumsfeld-Era Reminder About What Causes Terrorism
The debate over Afghanistan -- or, more accurately, the multi-pronged effort to pressure Obama into escalating -- is looking increasingly familiar, i.e., like the "debate" over Iraq. The New York...
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Wendy Norris
Media Ignores Women's Health Disparities in Shriver Report
The "battle of the sexes is over" claims the much-heralded Shriver Report: A Woman's Nation Changes Everything on American work and family life. Go ahead, take a victory lap. Unless, of course, you'...
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Derrick Z. Jackson
Don’t Bail on Wall Street Outrage
PRESIDENT OBAMA is far too absent of outrage over Wall Street's continued abuses. As a candidate, he railed against its "greed and irresponsibility.'' He had more to say in his first month in the...
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Robyn Blumner
Americans, Their Smiley-Face Facade, and Reality
Whenever I think of the smiley-face icon, I think of Wal-Mart because of its once-ubiquitous ad campaign. And when I think of Wal-Mart, I think of crappy wages and insecure employees who probably...
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Zach Carter
Weekly Audit: A Tale of Two Economies
The U.S. economy is has diverged: Wall Street is living high on the hog, while everyone else is struggling. The Dow Jones Industrial Average eclipsed 10,000 for the first time since last October this...
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Jo Comerford
Cashing in the War Dividend
So you thought the Pentagon was already big enough? Well, what do you know, especially with the price of the American military slated to grow by at least 25% over the next decade? Forget about the...
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Linda McQuaig
Ever Upward Trend for Bankers' Pay
Some people were outraged last week by a report that a member of the kitchen staff of bailed-out Wall Street firm AIG had received a $7,700 bonus. Surely that was far less outrageous than the million...
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