Views for 2009-10-15

Thursday, October 15, 2009
Jeremy Scahill
The ACORN Standard
The nonpartisan Project on Government Oversight and Reform recently revealed that the top 100 government contractors made nearly $300 billion from federal contracts in 2007 alone. Since 1995 these...
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Simon Tisdall
With Friends Like the US, Pakistan Doesn't Need Enemies
As the Obama administration dithers over what to do for the best in Afghanistan, neighbouring Pakistan is paying an increasingly heavy price. Like a spate of previous Taliban attacks in recent days,...
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Roger Doiron
On World Food Day: Crunching the Numbers
Tomorrow is World Food Day and since I can't invite you all over for dinner, I thought I'd serve up a smorgasbord of facts and figures about the way the US and the world eat or don't eat, as the case...
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John Gibbons
Time to Pull the Plug on the Bottled Water Swindle
Here's a variation on the “waiter, there’s a fly in my soup” gag. The question is how would you persuade people to knowingly drink water from a bottle that contained a dead spider? Penn Teller’s...
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Glenn Greenwald
GOP House Members Call for Investigation of Muslim Political Activity
This might actually be the most despicable domestic political event of the year: A group of House Republicans is calling for an investigation into whether a leading American Muslim advocacy group...
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Bill McKibben
Organizing the Biggest Day of Action the World Has Ever Seen
Even two years ago, I was in complete despair about our chances of fighting climate change. But something's changed. It's not the science, which has gotten steadily worse. It's the first signs that...
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Ellen Brown
Reviving the Local Economy With Publicly Owned Banks
The credit crunch is getting worse on Main Street, despite a Wall Street bailout now in the trillions of dollars. The Federal Reserve's charts show that "base money" is rapidly expanding—meaning...
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Ben Lilliston
The Cost of Palm Oil
"The day the (palm) seeds arrived in our country on the plane, I wondered, `what are these seeds?'" Matilda Pilacapio told us at a meeting in late September. Pilacapio is a human rights advocate from...
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Roger K. Smith
Barack and Alyn
Since President Obama was named this year's Nobel Peace Laureate, there's been a fruitful debate about the degree to which the award was deserved or strategically useful. It's worth noting that the...
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Gideon Levy
The Golda Wars
Those who are to blame for everything have been found: the "Goldstoners." Not the occupation, the settlements, Israeli aggressiveness or brutality; just Goldstone. According to Ari Shavit (Haaretz,...
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Amy Goodman
Lt. Choi Won’t Lie for His Country
Lt. Dan Choi doesn’t want to lie. Choi, an Iraq war veteran and a graduate of West Point, declared last March 19 on “The Rachel Maddow Show,” “I am gay.” Under the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”...
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Tom Gallagher, Tom Gallagher
A Tough Week for the Antiwar Movement
The upbeat response to Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize welcomes it as a boost toward a gentler world, one that Obama is striving for. You might call it something of a faith or hope-based response...
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