Views for 2009-09-16

Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Donna Smith
Patients Should Assign the Risk Where It Belongs
It's time, fellow patients, that we put the legal responsibility for what is being done to us where it belongs. In the stack of forms signed when we seek healthcare anywhere in our current healthcare...
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Maria Margaronis
Copenhagen in Crisis: How Much Does it Matter?
Diplomatic anxiety about the Copenhagen climate summit is reaching fever pitch. UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon has issued an urgent warning that the talks are stalled; UN development chief Helen Clark is...
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Tim Karr
What Beck, Dobbs and Limbaugh Are Really Afraid Of
Can you smell the fear? Switch on cable news or tune in to talk radio and it comes wafting in. Fox News Channel's Glenn Beck has bottled his own scent. Lou Dobbs' fear gives off a distinct undertone...
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Steven Hill
America's Failed Model for the World
Europeans are shaking their heads over their American friends again. Whether talking to people in the street, in the cafés or to journalists or political leaders, everyone here asks me the same...
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Jeremy Scahill
Jamie Rubin, Cruise Missile Liberal, Calls for Hypnotizing Americans About Afghan War
Jamie Rubin, one of the leading Democratic Party hawks, was on MSNBC's Morning Joe Wednesday to discuss Afghanistan policy. Rubin, who served as former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright's top...
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Bob Dreyfuss
'Safe Haven Myth' Bites the Dust
One of the most intelligent and thoughtful comments on Afghanistan so far comes from Paul Pillar, the former chief analyst for the US intelligence community and a renowned expert on terrorism, who...
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Ruth Conniff
Health Care Reform on the Homestretch
In his speech on health care to a joint session of Congress, President Obama talked about the long, long history of health-care reform efforts in this country, and said he wants to be the last...
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Pat LaMarche
Why Profit Can't Trump Security
I like to remind folks that we spend as much on our military as all the rest of the world’s countries combined. But to be precise, our exact percentage of spending, according to the Center for Arms...
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Rajesh Makwana
G20 on Track to Fail the World’s Poor
This year marks a critical juncture in the evolution of the world economy. A year after the historic collapse of Lehman Brothers, policymakers are still attempting to agree on how to recover from the...
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Andy Kroll
Obama vs. the Lobbyists: A Scorecard for the Future of American Politics
At the end of this summer of discontent, of death panels and unplugging poor Grandma, of birthers and astroturfers and rifle-toting picketers, the halcyon early days of the Obama administr
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Wendell Potter
How Corporate PR Works to Kill Healthcare Reform
Salon Editor's note: Wendell Potter, formerly a communications officer for the private health insurer Cigna, is now the Senior Fellow on Health Care for the Center for Media and Democracy. He...
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Ray McGovern
Torture: the Fault is Not in Our Stars
Unlike many of my progressive friends, for me the current administration's behavior on torture is a glass half full. In my view, the real scandal is how very few have taken a sip. Sure, President...
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Robert Scheer
Obama’s Presidency Isn’t Too Big to Fail
A president has only so much capital to expend, both in tax dollars and public tolerance, and Barack Obama is dangerously overdrawn. He has tried to have it all on three fronts, and his...
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Linda Milazzo
Protest of War Games Prompts Arrests
Last Saturday, six members of various anti-war groups, including World Can't Wait and Military Families Speak Out, and an OpedNews journalist, were arrested at a protest organized to shut down The...
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Amy Goodman
Let Us Not Become the Evil We Deplore
On Sept. 14, 2001, the U.S. House of Representatives considered House Joint Resolution 64, "To authorize the use of United States Armed Forces against those responsible for the recent attacks...
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