Views for 2009-09-14

Monday, September 14, 2009
Lucinda Marshall
Riding The Economic Roller-Coaster: The Big Plunge Is Just Up Ahead
In what at times has sounded like a script from Sesame Street, pundits and economists have endlessly engaged in speculating about whether the recession looks like the warm and fuzzy Letter U, the...
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Harvey Wasserman
Will the Corporate Supremes Now Dance on Democracy's Corpse?
The Four Courtsmen of the Apocalypse are poised to finally bury American democracy in corporate money. The most powerful institution in human history---the global corporation---may soon take...
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Danny Schechter
Markets 'Not Out of the Woods Yet'
New York, New York - Get out your party hats and strike up the band. We are about to celebrate the second anniversary of the GFC - the Global Financial Crisis. No doubt the event will be marked by...
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Chip Ward
Red Snow Warning: The End of Welfare Water and the Drying of the West
Pink snow is turning red in Colorado. Here on the Great American Desert -- specifically Utah's slickrock portion of it where I live -- hot 'n' dry means dust. When frequent high winds sweep across...
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Stephen Mihm
Why Capitalism Fails
Since the global financial system started unraveling in dramatic fashion two years ago, distinguished economists have suffered a crisis of their own. Ivy League professors who had trumpeted the dawn...
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Bud Kennedy
A Retired General Wants to Know What's Wrong with Our Country
A retired Air National Guard general called Thursday with three worries. "Something bad's gone wrong in this country," said retired Brig. Gen. Tom Daniels, 62, of Fort Worth. "Something's wrong in...
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Gary Olson
Afghanistan: 'Necessary' War for Empire
We've been down this road before. Gen. Stanley McChrystal's recent upbeat assessment that the war in Afghanistan "can still be won" is eerily reminiscent of Gen. William Westmoreland's "light at the...
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Robert Jensen
Can Journalism Schools Be Relevant in a World on the Brink?
Journalism schools have much in common with the mainstream news media they traditionally serve. As the business model for conventional corporate journalism collapses and digital technologies reshape...
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James Carroll
The Cloud of War
President Obama's speech to Congress last week concluded on a moving and uplifting note, an evocation of the late Senator Kennedy’s appeal to the nation’s character and moral purpose as the ground of...
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Tom Hayden
Afghan War Could Cost Obama Key Supporters
Ignoring the overwhelming Democratic-voter opposition to the Afghanistan war threatens to cost Barack Obama the support of young people and anti-war voters who helped make him president. It could...
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Robert Kuttner
A Virtuous Tax
One prime cause of the financial collapse is that financial trading markets have become speculative worlds unto themselves. Instead of adding efficiency to the real economy, they mainly add risk that...
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Chris Hedges
Stop Begging Obama to Be Obama and Get Mad
The right-wing accusations against Barack Obama are true. He is a socialist, although he practices socialism for corporations. He is squandering the country's future with deficits that can never be...
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