Views for 2009-08-19

Wednesday, August 19, 2009
Glenn Greenwald
Why the Health Care Debate Is So Important Regardless of One's View of the "Public Option"
The New York Times today has a discussion from several contributors, including me, on the politics of the health care debate. My contribution, which focuses on the role the White House has played and...
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Michael Hureaux Perez
Eshu’s Blues: Obama and Duncan’s “Race to the Top”
The Obama administration has announced its long anticipated education plan, and it has turned out to be the usual market crapshoot approach to public education which has long distinguished this...
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Adam LeBor
Freedom Is Now Flowing From West to East
I’ve spent much of the past 20 years living in or reporting on the former communist countries of Eastern Europe.
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Sandy LeonVest
As Goes California: Halliburton Could Decide Who Gets Health Coverage
Americans concerned about the national direction of ‘health care reform' would do well to pay close attention to what's going on in California right now.
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Sara Franklin
Agriculture and the Healthcare Debate: Inextricably Linked
President Obama’s plans to reform the healthcare system in U.S. have taken over the headlines in the past several weeks. Doctors, economists, insurance executives, public health experts—all of them...
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Robert Kuttner
Rage the Left Should Use
Where are the liberal protesters? Wall Street and the abuses of corporate America crashed the economy, leaving regular people anxious and financially insecure. Yet the far right, not the reformist...
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Joyce Marcel
Like Arguing With a Table
Curioser and curiouser. Gold star mom antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan wears a t-shirt that says "2,245 Dead. How many more?" to President Bush's State of the Union address in 2006 and gets arrested...
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Ann Jones
Ballots and Bullets for Afghanistan
With only days to go before the election in Afghanistan, it looks like the fix is in. That's what most Afghans have been saying all along.
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Pepe Escobar
The Afghan Pipe Dream
America's convoluted, Alice-in-Wonderland interpretation of this summer's top political show - the "free expression of the people" in the Afghanistan election - reads like an opium dream. In fact, it...
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Amy Goodman
Troy Davis and the Meaning of ‘Actual Innocence’
Sitting on death row in Georgia, Troy Davis has won a key victory against his own execution. On Aug. 17, the U.S. Supreme Court instructed a federal court in Georgia to consider, for the first time...
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Jeff Biggers
Take This Mine and Shove It: India Fights Coal, as Tribe Fights Mountaintop Removal
Last fall, Tom Zeller at the New York Times Green Inc. blog wrote an eye-opening piece on a possible Indian government and corporate venture in Appalachia's coal mines. And as the Sierra Club's Carl...
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Howard Friel
Guns at Political Events: A Chilling Effect on the First Amendment
On August 11, a man with a loaded firearm in a holster appeared outside a town hall meeting in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where President Obama was speaking. He carried a sign that said: "It is Time...
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Johann Hari
Republicans, Religion and the Triumph of Unreason
Something strange has happened in America in the nine months since Barack Obama was elected. It has best been summarised by the comedian Bill Maher: "The Democrats have moved to the right, and the...
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