Views for 2009-08-18

Tuesday, August 18, 2009
Donna Smith
Healthcare Reform Fraud: A Repugnant Act of Faith
Being lied to and taken advantage of is something many of us have gotten used to over the years as we work ourselves silly trying to be responsible citizens in these United States. But many of us...
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William Greider
Squandered Opportunity
After his brilliant beginning, the president suddenly looks weak and unreliable. That will be the common interpretation around Washington of the president's abrupt retreat on substantive heathcare...
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Malalai Joya
Why Afghans Have No Hope in This Week's Vote
Like millions of Afghans, I have no hope in the results of this week’s election. In a country ruled by warlords, occupation forces, Taliban insurgency, drug money and guns, no one can expect a...
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Robert C. Hinkley
The Best Interests of the Corporation
Every day legal corporate behavior causes much more damage to the commons than corporate illegal behavior. Electricity generators do not break the law when they emit billions of tons of carbon into...
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Wendell Potter
Is Obama Planning to Sign Congress' Health Care Reform Bill With Lipstick?
Over the coming weeks, Americans will find out whether the man they elected their president is just a great orator and politician or whether he is also a great leader.
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T. Christian Miller
Sometimes It’s Not Your War, But You Sacrifice Anyway
To outsource the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States has turned to the cheapest labor possible. About two-thirds of the 200,000 civilians working under federal contracts in the war zones...
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George Monbiot and Paul Kingsnorth
Is There Any Point in Fighting to Stave off Industrial Apocalypse?
Dear George On the desk in front of me is a set of graphs. The horizontal axis of each represents the years 1750 to 2000. The graphs show, variously, population levels, CO 2 concentration in the...
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Bob Herbert
This Is Reform?
It’s never a contest when the interests of big business are pitted against the public interest. So if we manage to get health care “reform” this time around it will be the kind of reform that...
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Glenn Greenwald
The Lanny Davis Disease and America's Health Care Debate
After Tom Daschle was selected to be Barack Obama's Secretary of Health and Human Services and chief health care adviser, Matt Taibbi wrote : "In Washington there are whores and there are whores, and...
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Timothy LaSalle
Organic Agriculture Beats Biotech at Its Own Game
Organic agriculture's recently recognized benefits for improving food security don't depend on a boost from genetically modified (GM) technology.
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Ramzi Kysia
Nonviolent Direct Action, Solidarity and Struggle
A year ago, 44 ordinary people from 17 different countries sailed to Gaza in two small wooden boats. We did what our governments would not do -- we broke through the Israeli siege. During the last...
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Kerry Trueman
Re-Examining the Roots of A Movement: Earth Days
Earth Days, the new film that opened this past weekend from acclaimed documentarian Robert Stone, is being promoted as a history of the environmental movement in the United States. But it’s more of a...
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Slavoj Zizek
Quiet Slicing of the West Bank Makes Abstract Prayers for Peace Obscene
On 2 August 2009, after cordoning off part of the Arab neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah in east Jerusalem, Israeli police evicted two Palestinian families (more than 50 people) from their homes; Jewish...
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John Buell
Weight of Government’s Hand on Capitalism’s Scale
To advocate a new, robust stimulus package, as in my last column, invites some predictable comments. Government is inefficient, politically motivated in its choice of winners and losers, and out to...
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