Views for 2009-08-14

Friday, August 14, 2009
Sandy LeonVest
Townhall Forums Unmask Dark Side of American Culture
The right may have gotten more than they bargained for this time.
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Chuck Collins
Taxing Wealth for the Common Good
When members of Congress proposed paying for expanded health care with a tax surcharge on America's wealthiest citizens, the attack was swift but predictable. Taxing the top was labeled "class war,"...
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Mark Weisbrot
US Economic Myths Bite the Dust
The Great Recession is allowing some widely held beliefs about the US economy – which were the source of much evangelism over the last few decades – to run up against a reality check. This is to be...
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Laura Carlsen
Lack of North American Leadership
Times of crisis require bold leadership and innovative solutions. Crises demand the casting aside of old, failed paradigms and the mobilization of people to create new ones. Exactly the opposite...
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Laura Flanders
Spending Political Capital, Now!
Back when Barack Obama was running for president he liked to say that he was inspired by what Dr. King called "the fierce urgency of now." He told a South Carolina crowd in 2007 that, "I am running...
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Radley Glasser and Steve Rendall
For Media, ‘Class War’ Has Wealthy Victims
During an ABC Nightline interview on May 21, 2003, host Ted Koppel suggested that his guest was engaging in "class warfare" by arguing that the wealthy should pay increased taxes. While the exchange...
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Marcy Wheeler
John Brennan's Dangerous National Security Advice
Last year, Glenn posted some statements from now-Deputy National Security Advisor John Brennan on counterterrorism. The post contributed to pressure that led Brennan to withdraw his candidacy to be...
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Mark Morford
Dick Cheney Rolls in His Grave
Did you feel that? That sickly sort of rolling wave, that disquieting, genital-shriveling temblor of seething grumpiness that swept through the land and made dogs spasm, trees shudder and giant SUVs...
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Paul Krugman
Republican Death Trip
“I am in this race because I don’t want to see us spend the next year re-fighting the Washington battles of the 1990s. I don’t want to pit Blue America against Red America; I want to lead a United...
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Katha Pollitt
Healthcare We Can Believe In
I am not a wonk. Usually this is not a problem. But when it comes to healthcare reform, it matters. You see, I long to dash forward, flaming sword in hand, to champion President Obama's healthcare...
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