Views for 2009-08-13

Thursday, August 13, 2009
Drew Westen
Change We Can Believe In: Feelings Toward the Administration by Those Who Elected It
Over the last couple of weeks I've been hearing rumblings. They're not from the staged or misinformed protestors at town hall meetings who have decided that shouting down a member of Congress is...
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Marc Raskin and Megan Cheney
The Pursuit of True Security
For years the United States has used military force as a Band-Aid for a wide-range of global problems ranging from the removal of dictators to ensuring access to global trade partners. Yet it's clear...
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Nomi Prins
Time to Do Something About 'Too-Big-to-Fail' Banks
A Wall Street Journal survey this week found that a majority of economists back the idea of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke sticking around for another term. Their support hinges on the belief...
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Tom Engelhardt
Biking Out of Iraq
The Bush administration invaded Iraq in March 2003 with a force of approximately 130,000 troops. Top White House and Pentagon officials like Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz were convinced...
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Robert C. Koehler
We Shall Not Be Moved
"A fight, a fight . . ." Oh Lord. From what depths did this story come? This was the power of the peace circle, pulling something out of me beyond any known zone of emotional safety.
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Guy Reel
The Attack of the Useful Idiots
You almost have to laugh at the idea of the “marketplace of ideas” when you hear the vast majority of today’s talk radio. What functions in that forum is not a marketplace, but a virtual monopoly —...
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John Foster
Afghanistan and the New Great Game
Why is Afghanistan so important? A glance at a map and a little knowledge of the region suggest that the real reasons for Western military involvement may be largely hidden. Afghanistan is adjacent...
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Leonard Pitts Jr.
Woodstock: When We Gave Peace a Chance
On Saturday, it will be 40 years since 400,000 hippies descended on Max Yasgur's dairy farm for a concert. Jimi Hendrix performed, as did Richie Havens, the Who, Janis Joplin, Joe Cocker, Joan Baez,...
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Jodie Evans
Pelosi Is an Expert at 'Drowning Out Opposing Views'
Disruption of the health care town hall meetings has triggered some rich debate about free speech in the U.S. In these discussions, CODEPINK has been referenced several times as the group that has...
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Brad Friedman
Democracy's Gold Standard
Last March, the country's highest court found secret, computerized vote counting unconstitutional. The country was Germany. The Constitution that computerized counting violated was the one the U.S...
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Haroon Siddiqui
Harper Consistently Embarrasses Canada Abroad
Israel and the U.S. have well-deserved reputations for standing up for their citizens abroad. Canada, under Stephen Harper, is gaining a reputation for failing its own. Omar Khadr rots in Guantanamo...
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Jeff Biggers
Big Coal Denial Calls for Hellraisers
While Big Coal continues to bankroll the largest public relations campaign of "clean coal" denial in recent history, former US Representative and historian Ken Hechler has issued an urgent wake up...
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Russell Mokhiber
Boycott Whole Foods
John Mackey is a right wing libertarian. He’s a union buster. He believes that corporations should not be criminally prosecuted for their crimes. He has just launched a campaign to defeat a single...
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Norman Solomon
When the Dead Have No Say
Official Washington is buzzing about "metrics." Can the war in Afghanistan be successful? Don't ask the dead. Days ago, under the headline "White House Struggles to Gauge Afghan Success," a New York...
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