Views for 2009-08-03

Monday, August 3, 2009
Glenn Greenwald
The Scope -- and Dangers -- of GE's Control of NBC and MSNBC
I want to return to the subject of GE's silencing of Keith Olbermann both because there are new facts I've obtained that shed light on what happened here and because this is one of the most blatant...
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Donna Smith
Healthcare Justice Movement Mourns Loss of Leader
Marilyn Clement, national coordinator for Healthcare-NOW, died this morning. We mourn her loss. She was an organizer for the ages, a friend, a mentor, and as of today, an angel.
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Ralph Nader
Purloining the People's Property
Every week, Marcia Carroll collects examples of privatization (that is, corporatization of the peoples’ assets). Looking at her website, , will either make you laugh helplessly...
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Nidya Sarria
Femicides of Juárez: Violence Against Women in Mexico
Juárez is nicknamed “the capital of murdered women.” The border city of 1.5 million inhabitants draws tens of thousands of young women from small, poor towns with $55-a-week jobs in maquiladoras...
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Andy Worthington
Guantánamo As Hotel California: You Can Check Out Any Time You Like, But You Can Never Leave
Imagine if you were imprisoned for seven years without charge or trial, and then a judge ruled that the government’s case against you consisted solely of unreliable allegations made by other...
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Las Vegas Sun Editorial
Coal Ash: An Environmental Mess
The Tennessee Valley Authority had been warned for years that toxic coal ash could spill out of its retention ponds and into nearby waterways, but managers ignored those warnings, the agency's...
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Laura Flanders
MSNBC and Fox: Posing Divided, United They Stand
There are days when one's reminded why one works in independent media. August 1st was one of those days, when the New York Times ran a front page media story that might as well have been headlined:...
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Paul Krugman
Rewarding Bad Actors
Americans are angry at Wall Street, and rightly so. First the financial industry plunged us into economic crisis, then it was bailed out at taxpayer expense. And now, with the economy still deeply...
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JoJo Farrell
US Activists Challenge Obama on Cuba
During last year's presidential campaign, Barack Obama said he was willing to sit down with Cuban leaders without preconditions. Hopes were high for the change that Obama had promised during his...
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Lucinda Marshall
The Olbermann-O’Reilly Feud: Freedom of the Press and the Economic Value of the ‘News’
Few of us still labor under the delusion that what we are told is the 'news' is necessarily an unbiased reporting of fact. Depending on your political leaning, you probably perceive it as either...
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James Carroll
Reinterpreting Early August
In the 17 years that I have been writing this column, my privilege has been to say what I think, even knowing readers might disagree. Most years, in this first week of August, I have observed the...
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Jeff Biggers
This Little (Coal-Fired) Light of Mine: Will President Heed 45 Million Prayers?
As the brilliant lights of the White House shine across Pennsylvania Avenue Monday evening, generated by a coal-fired plant that uses coal stripmined from devastating mountaintop removal operations...
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Chris Hedges
So Much for the Promised Land
LeAlan Jones, the 30-year-old Green Party candidate for Barack Obama’s old Senate seat in Illinois, is as angry at injustice as he is at the African-American intellectual and political class that...
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Clive Stafford Smith
Bowing to US's 'Naked Political Power'
Over the weekend, the government has identified another way to embarrass itself. Karen Steyn is the barrister representing David Miliband, who has been arguing that we must suppress evidence of...
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