Views for 2009-08-02

Sunday, August 2, 2009
Glenn Greenwald
GE's Silencing of Olbermann and MSNBC's Sleazy Use of Richard Wolffe
The New York Times this morning has a remarkable story, and incredibly, the article's author, Brian Stelter, doesn't even acknowledge, let alone examine, what makes the story so significant. In...
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Samuel P. Jacobs
The Right-Wing Op-Ed Insurgency
Liberal bias? A Daily Beast investigation crunches the numbers and shows how conservative think tanks have quietly achieved domination over the opinion pages of America's biggest papers. For all the...
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Tom Hayden
How Many Civilian Deaths are Acceptable?
It was a cryptic Pentagon answer to Senator John Kerry's straightforward question, in notes from the Senate hearing on May 21:
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Haroon Siddiqui
Inept at Both Killing and Coddling Terrorists
The latest rationale - an old one, really, now recycled - for the endless NATO mission in Afghanistan - is that we are there to cleanse that country of terrorists. But not all terrorists are created...
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Frank Rich
Small Beer, Big Hangover
The comforting thing about each "national conversation on race" is that the "teachable moment" passes before any serious conversation can get going.
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Christopher Brauchli
Cereal Boxes and Consumers
I've figured out there's no Santa Claus and I know there's no Easter Bunny. You might as well tell me what's wrong with the 4th of July. -Precocious child to parents They've taken all the fun out of...
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