Views for 2009-08-01

Saturday, August 1, 2009
Mazin Qumsiyeh
Thoughts on Fatah Convention and Thoughts on Palestine
Bethlehem is a buzz with security preparations for the Fatah conference on Tuesday. The local people I talked to either were indifferent or were worried about inability to reach school or work or do...
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John Prendergast
The New Blood Diamonds
Being held at gunpoint by 30 drunk and angry militia in the middle of the night on a deserted road in one of the most dangerous war zones in the world was not our plan when we started out the day...
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Paul Kingsnorth
A Wind Farm Is Not the Answer
How would you imagine an environmentalist would react when presented with the following proposition? A power company plans to build a new development on a stretch of wild moorland. It will be nearly...
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David Bercuson
Remember the Gilded Age: A Progressive Morality Play
History never truly repeats itself, but there are stunning parallels between the socio-economic and political history of the United States in the last decade of the 19th century and the past two...
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Ray McGovern
'Christians' Wink at Torture
Anyone harboring doubts that the institutional Church is riding shotgun for the system, even regarding heinous sin like torture, should be chastened by the results of a recent survey by the Pew...
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Olga Bonfiglio
Gardening Changes Fast Food Addict's Life
Last summer, Kalamazoo College senior Nick Leonard discovered a new way of life by way of his senior project. The pre-law English major was concerned about environmental issues, but he wrestled with...
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Michael Winship
Pay-to-Play Is Washington's Sport of Kings
As we marvel over the depths of hypocrisy and greed currently plumbed in the health care reform debate, it may help to remember that even Honest Abe Lincoln had his share of tainted colleagues, one...
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Danny Schechter
As Obama's Support Erodes, the Right is Resurgent
The tide of public opinion may be turning against the President. Pollsters report growing skepticism about health care reform, and more active hostility on racial matters, thanks to that "...
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Lindsay Shade
Honduras Crisis Exposes Weakness of US Democracy
While Honduras is on the brink of a civil war, politics-as-usual in Washington, D.C. threaten, quite literally, to block US support for democracy in that country. It also threatens to squelch...
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Rory O'Connor
Declaring Victory, Going Home
Decades ago, while a callow young reporter, I noted favorably that "the late, great Senator George Aiken" had once famously and wisely offered a solution to America's Vietnam quagmire: "Declare...
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