Views for 2009-07-29

Wednesday, July 29, 2009
Naomi Klein
Capitalism, Sarah Palin-Style
The following was adapted from a speech on May 2, 2009 at The Progressive ’s 100th anniversary conference and originally printed in The Progressive magazine, August 2009 issue:
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Diane Farsetta
Pentagon Propaganda Gets a Pass
Is there a difference between covert propaganda and secretive campaigns to shape public opinion on controversial issues? The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) apparently thinks that there...
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David Sirota
A Secret Physiological Link Between Affinity for Guns & Affinity for Health Insurance Bureaucrats?
In recent posts and in my last column , I noted that there's an unspoken deal between D.C. reporters and "Blue Dog" Democrats to explain Blue Dog opposition to health insurance regulation,...
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Teryn Norris & Jesse Jenkins
Will America Lose the Clean-Energy Race?
As Congress debates climate and energy legislation, Asian challengers are moving rapidly to win the clean-energy race. China alone is reportedly investing $440 billion to $660 billion in its clean-...
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Laura Flanders
Zero Sum Stupidity
President Obama opened the first meeting of the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue on Monday by declaring that the two countries share a responsibility for the 21st century.
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Sasha Abramsky
California's Budget Fiasco
Now, nearly a year after the fiscal collapse, get ready for structural readjustment. California , the richest state in America, finally passed an emergency budget revision on Friday that bears...
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Stephen Flohr
The Writing on the Wall
Palestinian youth activists Yousef Nijim and Faris Arouri, in collaboration with the Dutch NGO “Send a Message Foundation,” are engaged in a nonviolent campaign to combat the oppressive...
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David Michael Green
The Great Miscommunicator
When Barack Obama became president I wondered whether he would have the courage and integrity to bring long absent progressive politics back to the fore in America. Unhappily, that question has now...
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Robert Scheer
The Chinese Come Calling
What a hoot. The Chinese Communists invaded Washington on Monday demanding not that we sacrifice our freedoms but rather that we balance our budget. Creditors get to make that kind of call. And the...
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Chris Hayes
Bend It Like Obama?
As I write, the Senate Finance Committee has yet to release its version of healthcare reform legislation, and Harry Reid has announced that the Senate won't vote on any healthcare bill until after...
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Cristina Page
The Breakup of the Pro-Life Movement
Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH) is, in many ways, a typical pro-life American. He opposes abortion and, because of that, supports every effort to prevent the need for it. Just like most pro-life...
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Hugh O'Shaughnessy
How Obama Betrayed Honduras
Let's hope that the United States finally decides that it's going to do what its president said it would do for Central America. It should be a simple task, that of cutting off its support of the bad...
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Robert Parry
Obama Faces Carter/Clinton Parallels
After six months in office, Barack Obama’s presidency reveals striking parallels not only to Bill Clinton’s troubled first term, but to Jimmy Carter’s only term. And, how those dangers are...
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Amy Goodman
Obama’s Military Is Spying on US Peace Groups
Anti-war activists in Olympia, Wash., have exposed Army spying and infiltration of their groups, as well as intelligence gathering by the Air Force, the federal Capitol Police and the Coast Guard...
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